Soft copies of Sunday School lessons shouldn’t replace hardcopy, they can be corrupted, says Pastor Falade at Sunday School Rally

Pastor S.O. Falade

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Assistant Sunday School Director of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor S.O. Falade has said soft copies of Sunday School lessons shouldn’t replace hardcopy because they can get corrupted and interrupted.

Pastor Falade stated this while ministering today Thursday March 18, 2021 on the topic “Avoiding Abuse in the Application of Technology in Sunday School Administration” at the Western Bloc of the 2021 Decentralized Sunday School Rally holding in Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State. 

He stressed that God has ways of making things easy for man, He allowed technology (cf. Dan. 12:4) and it has drastically changed the way things are done, everywhere, but sadly, some of its users have not been using it in God-glorifying manner.

According to him, we need an understanding of how technology can be harnessed in Sunday School administration without abusing the God-given gift. 

While speaking on the positive sides of technology, Pastor Falade said technology by its sophistication makes doing things in different fields of human endeavours easier and faster and it has enriched the message of the Cross and magnified the voice of the preachers, increasing the number of channels of distribution of the gospel message, to reach a global audience.

He added that ”It has largely provided help for the encouragement, strengthening and edification of the saints through technological tools and discipleship materials. It has been a means by which Christians administer grace to a world that is distracted and burdened. It has fostered stronger global connection among Christians across barriers of age, culture, etc.”

On the negative sides of technology, the Cleric said  it has been disrupting traditional Christian culture to our great harm, such that the Christian sense of what is appropriate behaviour according to God’s Word has been compromised.

“It has created a culture of self-orientation that tilts people towards what they call comfortable and individualistic lifestyle, making worship experience so isolated and entertainment-oriented than one of reverence and participation. It has provided a standard for observing and modeling different forms of behaviour, viewpoints and value systems, even the godless ones, and sadly redefining the public image of modern Christianity,” he said.

The Cleric stated that we wouldn’t need to reject technology in its entirety because of its undeniable relevance, but we need to moderate its application in Sunday School administration in a seasoned approach.

“Glory be to God for the gift of technology to the Sunday School. Of course, it has blessed and enhanced our operations. However, there has been abuse in its application. God has so far helped us understand how not to abuse this gift of God in Sunday School administration in our different domains and our Mission as a whole,” he concluded.


  1. I can't still see how it will corrupt or interrupt the Sunday School lessons.

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