Position in God's kingdom is never a birthright, it's a priviledge, CAC Youth Officer tells Youth Leaders at Coordinators' Meeting


By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro has urged Christian leaders not to see any position they occupied in the kingdom as a birthright, but a privilege and it should be taken with the heart of gratitude to God.

Pastor Gbuyiro stated this on Wednesday March 10, 2021 while ministering on the topic "God has a Choice" at CAC Youth Fellowship Coordinators' Meeting held in Ikeji-Arakeji.

He told the Youth leaders: "that you're God's choice to be used is a privilege. It is not your right or your turn. It is just a privilege and by His mercy. We should be grateful to God because we don't have what we get by merit. Our response to God's service should be with a heart of gratitude.

Taking the text from Luke 5:1-4, the Youth Officer said one thing that is obvious that helped Christ to be fulfilled in ministry is the fact He was focused and never allowed anything whatsoever to drift Him away from His purpose. 

He noted Christ was never distracted because He knew why He came to the world and focused on it, adding that if you don't understand why you are in this youth ministry you are not likely to be fulfilled in it. 

"We should respond to God's service with a gratitude of heart. He could use someone else because He can't be stranded. You are not the best, but the least (Judges 6:15, Deut. 7:7, 1 Sam.19) A reasonable and acceptable service to our God only comes from a willing heart. When serving God becomes burdensome to you, you are already calling His attention to the other standing ships," he added.

The Cleric said leaders should respond to God's service with a pledge of life and loyalty, saying that it is not enough to give your time and treasures once you have something reserved for yourself. 

He said our mandate is to do that which is greater and and it takes a pledge of life and loyalty to accomplish that. 

"Jesus will never rob any man, but when He takes anything from man He does it with intention to give him something much more.  He doesn't use a man and dump him. Jesus knew the need of Simon Peter and He attended to it after using his boat.Peter would never be settled as a fisher of men if he didn't get fish. He knew his immediate need which was his immediate concern and attended to it. 

It's legitimate that Jesus will meet our ordinary and immediate needs. We have a high priest who can be touched with feelings of our infirmity," he said.




  1. We pray that our leaders see it as Christ sees it so that issues of celebrating seniority instead of service to God will be reduced if not eradicated

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