"Blameless Believer" by Pastor Bolarinwa


Pastor J. O. Bolarinwa

Text: Philip.2:15

Introduction: It is the believers obligation to live a blameless life, Jesus Christ expect that from every of His disciples even though we live in a perverse and crooked generation not withstanding we are expected to be the salt of the earth according to the scripture Matthew 5:13. It is worthy of note that Enoch was in the then world in Genesis 5, yet he walked with God and God took him, why? "He pleased the Lord" Gen.5:24, that was the generation that made themselves an example to themselves even though many people were corrupted yet Enoch and the likes made themselves an example for us to follow today. It is without doubt that the people of this world live in spiritual deception and darkness which causes us to have a misrepresented view of life, value and religion view of God. In returns this has force us to possess high level of immorality and neglect of God and His word but now follow the patterns of this world.

What it means to be blameless

1. Free of guilt, not subjected to blame.-- Advance English Dictionary

2. Without fault; innocent; guiltless; not meriting censure.-- Webster 1828 Dictionary

3. Without blemish ( without rebuke is rendered blameless in 2 Peter 3:14, unblameable, faultless. -- Vine Bible Dictionary

Blameless from the Greek word: irreproachable: blameless, faultless and unblameable.

That you may be blameless Philip.2:15: is an exhortation from apostle Paul to the Philippians from the preceding verse, what he had in mind was that the Christian are to adorn their profession by been a suitable temper and behavior. From verse 14, "Do all things, do your duty in every aspect, without murmurings". Do it and do not find fault, mind your work meaning that you're to face your business, do not quarrel with or at it, it is the Lord's command that you are to obey. You are encouraged to be peaceful and  love One another. " Do all things without disputes or conflict, wrangling and debating with one another why? Because the light of truth, integrity, boldness to preach Christ often get lost in the hearts and mist of disputation. Your conversation must be blameless with all brethren, note that you are saved and sent to save others therefore you must never give room for offense.

What happens when there's offense?

1. Our integrity is at stake

2. Unbelievers will doubt our christian faith

3. Offenses and disputes often soils God's name

4. It often loose the value and genuineness of our testimony

5. It usually blaspheme Christ name

6. It breeds spiritual lukewarmness within the fold

7. It causes division in the body of Christ.

Solution to offenses

1. Genuine repentance is a must

2. Genuine forgiveness must be maintained

3. Reconciliation must be done without delay

4. The truth must be told and embrace without bias

5. Brethren must be warned not to be sturborn against God's word

6. Believers must take caution so that God's name would not be soiled through you

7. We must know that no sinner would go unpunished: Therefore, we must be careful because of God's judgment.

Conclusion: Someone said, you must be blameless before men, and sincere towards God. What kind of spirit do you possess, God's spirit or another? If it's Christ spirit then you must follow Christ command. Remember, pursue peace with all men and holiness... Hebrews 12:14. You must seek not to fail God in any way, remember king Saul failed God, Demas left Paul and Christ in pursuit of worldly things, what are you pursuing at the expense of God? You need to double examine yourself that you will not disappoint God, your generation and yourself. Blameless life speaks volume.


Written by:

Pastor J. O. Bolarinwa


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