Valentine: Natural man can’t express love unless someone who has been regenerated by Christ's love, says CAC Youth Officer


Pastor S.O. Gbuyiro

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro has said that it’s impossible for a natural man to express love except someone who has been regenerated by tasting the love of Christ.

While saying the regeneration of man turns one to ‘son of God,’ the Cleric said this expresses the transformational power of God's love, noting that it changes a sinner to become son and daughter of God indisputably.

Pastor Gbuyiro stated this in his Valentine’s Day Message titled “Wonderful Story of Love.”

Quoting 1John 3:1, the Youth Officer stressed that the story of God's love for man is wonderful especially for some of us who have encountered this love and it transformational power.

He said the manner of God’s love is unconditional, eternal, marvelous, sacrificial, self motivated because God Himself is love and priceless. 

“God, having done his part and if truly we are His, we have a responsibility to express this kind of love by our lifestyle and in all we do. We are to prove to the world who we are having made by God. We must obey Christ's command to love one another as the only evidence of true believer,” he stated

He defined love as;“the expression of the best way to authenticate our sonship with God to this sinful world.”

The Cleric stated that if there is any subject that has lost it true meaning in our world today it is “Love”, adding that the more people try to define love the more they bastardized this essential virtue that can give us a society of our dream.

Pastor Gbuyiro said the world believes Love is strong affection for another, attraction based on sexual desire, affection based on admiration, warm attachment and fatherly or brotherly concern for others, stating that none of this explained true love because is never a feeling or affection but a person.

“God, who is love personified must take resident in a youth for him or her to experience and express true love and not mere affection or infatuation as professed and expressed by young people today. Real love in expression is meant to secure a man's future while worldly concept of love as expressed by youth today puts the future at stake by involving in all kinds of immoral and sinful acts,” he stated.

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