“Life worthy of our calling” by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko




The topic will be considered with the following headings:



Our worthiness is in Him

Called by God

Living the life worthy of His calling



Our text is the first three verses of a chapter (Ephesians 4) hence the need to go the preceding chapter to get the line of discussion before our text (pre-text examination), the following nuggets are drawn from chapter 3 of Ephesians:

ü  i.   God’s mysterious plan vs 5-6 (Jews and Gentiles who believes shares equally in in the riches available in Christ and are one body)

ü  ii. His ultimate Purpose vs 10 to use the called out one to display wisdom, don’t forget Jesus is the wisdom of Christ 1 Chor.1:24

ü  iii. God’s means and methodology, CHRIST. Vs 11-12

ü  iv. Prayer for understanding and growth vs 14-19

Paul the vessel through which the book was written from the aforementioned amongst others didn’t seem to be talking to “Ministers/clergy” as we are fond of the usage today he was basically addressing children of God especially as with regards to the first three chapters, but there seems to be a change in gear from chapter four.

 In fact, a further study of the book of Ephesians reveals that the first three chapters talks about our new identity in Christ while the last three talks about administration of the church via the strength of God in UNITY.

So as much as possible we will apply to what we call CLERGY/MINISTERS OR IN OUR PARLANCE PASTORS/EVANGELIST AND LADY EVANGELIST but with the understanding that, that we were and should forever remain children of God. May we not lose this title no matter the roles we are playing in His vineyard in Jesus name Amen.

Matt 7:23 shows that it is possible to do or think you have done much in God’s name without being know and His child, but he casts them out that He doesn’t know them. May this not be our portion in Jesus mighty name Amen.


Our worthiness is in Him vs 1

 The topic may raise a whole lot of questions, but before diverse questions are raised let us understand this: we do not deserve the following graces that we enjoy from God:

Salvation:Eph.2:9, Romans 5:8 (the NLT translation puts it beautifully salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done),

Service: Apostle Paul’s account Gal. 1:15-16, prophet Jeremiah’s account Jer. 1:5 before you were conceived I have ordained you, he didn’t do anything to justify his choice/election

 This fulcrum of this message is more on what we do after we have been graciously saved and called to His service, and not stating whether we are worthy of either salvation or His call WE ARE NOT WORTH IT.


Called by God vs 1

We are in era where loads of things/person calls people into “God’s vineyard”:

(a) some are called by men:Pastors, Parents, spiritual leaders, the devil, mentors etc.

(b) Their gifting: a release of gift from heaven is misinterpreted as call into full time ministry.

(c) Called by the circumstances that wasn’t orchestrated by God for that end.

(d) Called by God. Is.1:8

(e) Natural gifting: knowledge of musical instrument, understanding the usage computer and eloquence in communication\language among others things maybe with some men of God or in the house of God has become a call to some.


(The Ahab- troubler of Israel role 1 king 18:17, rebellious, disunity, destructive and ungodly roles of Ishmael/Mariam that some people are playing mayn’t be unconnected to their call, caller and sustainer)

But the call from God follows this path:

ü  i. Called out of darkness:1Pt 2:9, we need to depart from darkness and let darkness and all it represents leave us sincerely. (Going to the devil to get power with a view to use for the “gospel\God’s work” is either calling God stupid/liar or the devil not crafty anymore) Matt.28:18. You can’t be working for a different organization and go to another for your remuneration God is not confused we should however check ourselves, leaving darkness and darkness and all it represents leaving as a result of our complete, sincere and total yielding to and trust in God.

ü  ii. Called to shine/show the great light: Jesus is the Light of the world John 1:4-5,8:12, and when we are totally yielded to Him and stay so we become the light by drawing from His light Matt 5:14-16.


Living the life worthy of His calling vs.1 & 2-3.

This means, not taking His gracious grace for granted, doing what is humanly possible to remain usable for God, dealing with the monster known as flesh so as to be useful for His glory.

ü  i. A life/ministry with Humility James 4:6

ü  ii. A life/ministry that is gentle: in every of our dealings with people, especially with people who mayn’t be up to us. What could have been the explanation for Jesus’s appearance to clear Apostle Thomas doubt John 20:24-31 carefully and thoughtfully dealing with different people on different levels. 

ü  iii. A life/ministry that is patient: we live in an era of mad rush which has crept into the church and unfortunately into the ministry. If God could wait for even snails to enter the ask even while in anger to destroy the earth, we as Christian and by extension ministers needs to pray to God for more patience especially when tensed.

ü  iv. United in the Spirit, binding together in Love: The spirit of division is a spirit of the devil, whether it is divide them to rule them or otherwise, anyone with such attitude isn’t on God’s side. The unity of the trinity is both an example and a prayer for all children of God. John 17:21


May God help us to lead our lives worthy of our calling in Jesus mighty name. Amen.



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