The church must see COVID-19 as a tool to grow, not a thing to growl over, says Pastor Aluko @BIMSCON 2021


Pastor S.O. Aluko

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Sunday School Director of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor S.O. Aluko has said the church must see COVID-19 as a tool to grow and not a thing to growl over. 

He noted that whenever the church faces a new crisis, the Lord always has a way through the crisis with often surprising outcomes. 

Pastor Aluko stated this while ministering on the topic "Ministry in the COVID and Post-COVID  Era" at the Babajide International Ministerial Sharpening Conference (BIMSCON) 2021 organised by CAC  Babajide School of Prophets and Evangelists (CACTS Ilesa Campus).

The Cleric said the challenge associated with the pandemic would have buried the church but for few ministers and ministries that never slept while others did, adding that God has given the church works to do for Him even in this era of COVID-19.

On God's expectation from the church in COVID-19 era, Pastor Aluko said the church should rely on the Lord for His guidance and power, gather reliable information, develop a response plan for the congregation, plan for ongoing ministry, care for seniors and the vulnerable, pray for revival and invest in technology.

"It is becoming more glaring that churches now need to be more tech-savvy. Bob Pritchett observed: 'Many churches have continued to see a strong attendance in online worship throughout COVID-19, thanks to technology.' Churches should ascertain and invest more in technical equipment and training to serve their congregation virtually. Also, people can be encouraged to donate iPads, iPhones or other tablets to help others who don't have to go online to attend worship services virtually," the Cleric said.

He advised that the church should prevent further spread of the global pandemic by maintaining a viable communication line with government authorities for accurate information on the pandemic and preventative measures and engage in corporate social responsibility (CRS).

According to him, Churches will have to shift the way they handle finances given the fact that the pandemic has affected the global economy.

He stressed that there is nothing bad in adapting hybrid ministry models, i.e. doing church both physical and digitally.

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