Interview: With God on the side of our new leaders, future of CAC is bright- Prophet Olagunju



In this interview, the Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, The Power of God Saves Zone, Prophet Moses Ibrahim Olagunju speaks on his experience in the ministry and other interesting issues. EXCERPTS!



Kindly introduce yourself, sir


My name is Prophet Moses Ibrahim Olagunju. I am from Oyo state in Ibadan. This is my village, here at CAC Agbara Olorun ni gbani, Olose, Ibadan.


Briefly tell us your journey into the ministry


By God’s grace I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior on December 21, 1983. I was a church member between 1984 and 1985, and in January 1986 I started the work of the ministry at CAC Agbala-Itura. I attended the Bible School of CAC Agbala Itura under the leadership of my father, Prophet S.K. Abiara. I was at the school from 1986 to 1988. I was ordained as a Pastor in CAC in December, 1988. This ministry started in a room and parlor apartment in January 1989 by God’s grace in Egbeda, Lagos. We were still holding services in a room and parlor apartment till the year 1991. In October 1992 God took control through His leading by telling me that a “big minister” of God is coming to the same area where we were using then and if he meets me there, his presence would affect my ministry and I told the church. I told them we are not holding church anniversary for that year, we have to buy a land. Some of them who love events or celebration never liked what I said and as a result, they left the church, but to the glory of God, I received mercy. It was a chronic armed robber who converted to Christian, known as “Olorun Adaba” that God used for me. Before he accepted Christ, he came with guns to attack the church, saying the noise of the church was disturbing him. It is the same person God used for me. I can call this church ministry of revelation. I have confidence in divine revelation than anything on earth. Irrespective of how hard things are, if God orders me to go somewhere, I will go because I know He will prepare the ground for me. It was “Olorun Adaba” God used to help me find a land which we bought for N96,000. I was able to raise over N50,000 and he added the remaining. As we were leaving our former place or worship, Bishop David Oyedepo’s Winners’ Chapel were moving to the area. They have now turned the place to their Bible School. We thank God that our church is on a hectare of land in Egbada.



How many assemblies has God helped you to plant so far?


The one we are here in Olose Ibadan should be the 12th or 13th assembly, but overall we have over 50 assemblies. God used us to plant assemblies in Abuja, Ekiti state, Ibadan, Lagos, Ghana, USA, Canada and London. By God’s grace we are looking forward to planting assemblies in Australia. I have been in South Africa, but God has not told me to plant an assembly there.


Since 1989 that you have started the ministry, has anything ever happened to you to the extent that you were thinking of quitting?


There is no one who has gone far in the ministry who doesn’t have such day. There was a time they said I was responsible for a missing child and it happened to me twice. That is why it is painful to me what happened to “Sotitobire.” Those who did it to me are now my friends today. I thank God because He was the one that saved me. I could remember a woman who tore my clothes saying I should look for her child for her. She was in church when her child left her and they began to look for the child. To the glory of God, the child was found in front of Winners’ Chapel. The child was taken to Idimu Police station when they couldn’t find his mother. I thank God the child was found because I was alleged to have buried the child in the church hospital for a ritual. The Police even advised me to talk them to law court but I said “no” to it.

Apart from the child missing incidents, I have also had an encounter with armed robbers. I was here in Olose Ibadan when they came to rob us. When I experienced another one in our assembly at Sanyo Ibadan God told me never to run away. I had to develop courage to speak with them, I fed them and also gave them money while they were leaving.


As someone who God has used to plant many churches, what are your experiences you can used to encourage planters who are facing a lot of challenges in the ministry?


Firstly, such people must be sure that God is leading them or sending them to plant church. And if God sent them, they should know that glory and suffering are on the same parallel line.  Any minister who thought he or she is not going to suffer in the ministry is not a real minister of God. When I started the ministry things were very hard compared to now. You must know as minister of God that suffering is part of the work even if you are sure God called you or asked you to plant church for Him.

Secondly, live your own life, don’t be a copycat. What God sent you to do is different from what he sent another person you are envying. Stay in your God-given vision. People may advise you, but you must not abandon your vision for anything. Immediately you depart from your vision, you have come to the end of your ministry. When God brought me here, there was nobody here. This place was a thick bush. Some people were even abusing me, but I was not bothered because God told me this place would turn to a city and He is already doing it.



Looking back to when you started the journey in 1988, what are the good virtues that were in the ministry in those days that cannot be found in this generation, particularly in the lives of the ministers?


These days, some ministers of God have seen the work of God as a business and this had made them not to be able to preach about ‘salvation’ again. Their sermons are full of deceit and unnecessary grammar in order to make their congregation happy. They have left out the gospel from their preaching and majority of them are overambitious. They are interesting in riding “big cars” even when they have few people in their church. There is no evangelism as of old. Some of them even believe they were sent only to the rich and kings. Our founding fathers in CAC started from grass and God moved them to grace. They had nothing when they started and they never spoilt themselves with things of this world.


What are the lessons ministers of God of this age can learn from CAC founding fathers?


By the special grace of God, CAC is a good denomination. I am not bragging. I would have left CAC in 1992 going by what some people were saying, but I know CAC is a living church. God of Apostle Babalola appeared to me telling me not to go. Apostle Babalola died in the year 1959 and I was born in the year 1962. I never saw him physically, but I saw him in a dream telling me “don’t go.” Some people even said I should leave CAC just like my friend Dr. D.K. Olukoya of MFM, but I said “no.” I never knew what God wanted to do through me in CAC, but now I can see what He’s using me for in CAC Agbara Olorun Ni Gbani. I can emphatically say that our founding fathers really worked. The level they left this church is not the same level we are presently. Our Babas in those days said I must go to Bible School despite the fact that God had used me to plant over 30 assemblies. I had to obey them. Some of my lecturers were shocked to see me. You must be humble irrespective of your position or popularity.



There are many contradictory views about COVID-19 from many ministers of God in Nigeria. What did God told you about the deadly disease?


Before COVID-19 became well known, God has told me there would be outbreak of such disease, though I didn’t know the name it would be called. COVID-19 is a sign of end-time and we should take note of that. What is more deadly than COVID-19 is coming to this world. It has already been stated in the scripture that there would be outbreak of disease. A time is coming when people will have money, but there would be no food. Farming or agriculture is what majority of people would do at the end. Ebola and HIV/AIDS are still out there and they are all signs of the end-time. God is showing His superiority to mankind. There are people in this world who are rich to the level that they don’t believe in the existence of God and God wants to show them that He exists.



What is your opinion on #endsars protesters and the incident that happened at Lekki toll gate?


There are more troubles in the future for this country, unless things change. Prayer has done what it can do as far as Nigeria case is concerned. Some youths will still continue the agitation for a better Nigeria sooner or later due to continuous pathetic situation of the country. There are families that have many graduates and all of them are still looking for jobs. In fact the parents are the ones feeding them. This country is richly blessed by God, but administratively we are poor. We have so many bad leaders. God will arise for the situation of this country one day and deliver us from bad leadership.



The pan-Yoruba social-political organization, Afenifere has called for true federalism and going back to regional administration for the country. What is your thought on this?


It is a good idea, but who are the people that will head each region? It is the same set of thieves who embezzle the wealth of this country that will still be at the helm. A lot of things have been spoilt in Nigeria and ministers of God who ought to say the truth can’t see it because of their lack of integrity. I don’t mingle with politicians because majority of them are embezzlers. Ministers of God are also parts of the causes of the problems of Nigeria. There are ministers who pray and collect money from politicians who are looting the country.  This country would be better if Ministers of God stopped running after politicians and focused on crying to God to rescue the nation. The constitution should also be reviewed.



How was your feeling when you heard about the announcement of Pastor Oladele and Pastor Odejobi as the President and General Superintendent of CAC Worldwide from January 2021?


I really appreciate God and I pray we should see more of such appointments. I am so happy and I can emphatically say that the future of our church is bright. I also want to advise them that they should not accept all gifts. I thank God for their lives that they are disciplined ministers of God. With God on their side, all things are possible.



What do you think the future holds for CAC with these appointments?


Let us continue to pray for the church, particularly our leaders. I am so optimistic that CAC is already starting afresh in great glory just like in the days of our fathers. Our fathers were never after money and they were not poor.


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