Christmas: Salvation can only be received through Christ, not by keeping religious observances, says Pastor Akinosun


By 'Gbenga Bankole


The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun has said salvation can only be received through Jesus Christ and not be bought by keeping religious observances.


He further said that no one can buy it with money because we were not redeemed by silver or gold, saying that the only provision for salvation is through Christ.


Pastor Akinosun who stated this in his Christmas Message entitled "Salvation Through Christ is a Must"  said we must be saved because God has the means by which we are to be saved.


While quoting Acts chapter 4 verses 10, the Cleric noted that there is only one way of salvation, emphasizing that no one will ever be saved except by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


"Salvation is offered to all. This wondrous salvation, which is in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ has been given among men, that is, it has been made available to all men, everywhere. Thank God, there is no racial barrier, for people of all races are invited to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ," he said.


Pastor Akinosun stressed that no one can buy salvation by trying to live a good life, adding that it cannot be bought with anything, for it has been once and for all purchased and thus provided by the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.


"I want to conclude by letting you know that salvation is planned by God to reconcile man back to God. It is the only way and no other means to reconcile with God other than acknowledge ourselves as sinners and believing in Jesus Christ as the lamb of God who was slaughtered for the remission or our sins. It is imperative, that is, compulsory and important for you to receive the gift of salvation by accepting Christ today," he noted.

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