INTERVIEW: Challenge is inevitable in ministry, Ministers should always expect it- Somolu DCC Superintendent, Pastor Oyedeji

Pastor E.O. Oyedeji

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Somolu Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Lagos, Pastor Elisa Oluseyi Oyedeji in this interview with CAC News speaks on many interesting issues. EXCERPT !

Congratulations on your induction as the DCC Superintendent. During your speech, you mentioned a five-point agenda for the DCC which among are planting of churches and raising people for Christ. How do you intend to achieve this?

I don’t have any strategy, but I believe Holy Spirit will assist me as far I am moving closer to God Almighty. I know for sure He will not let me down. So with prayer and action I know by His grace we will be able to achieve greater things for the Almighty God.

Can you take us through your ministerial journey from the start till now?

By His grace, I started in the year 1992 when I completed seminary education, from Igbajo in Osun State to Modakeke, from there to Akure, I continued from Akure to Lagos, Ifako main center, from there to Oke-Ayo at  Ajeromi DCC Ajegunle, from there the ministry took me to Ikole Ekiti, it was there I received a double promotion. I worked as District Superintendent for a year, then in the year 2006 I became the Chairman in my State. As the Zonal Superintendent of Egbe Oba at Ikole Ekiti, I moved to Oniyo DCC at Ado Ekiti, from there to Ogo Oluwa tan Sagamu and from Sagamu to Somolu DCC.

Looking at how you started your ministry and considering your level of endurance, can you compare ministerial life in those days to this present time? Do you think Ministers of God still have that endurance?

Nowadays, young Ministers are not ready to endure anything. Look at what happened to me, I was moved from a DCC to a Zone. I thank God by His grace I didn't complain to the authority. Then after three years, God and the Church Authorities remembered me again to bring me to Somolu DCC. Some Ministers can't take it. Though it was through endurance and the grace of God because I faced many challenges when I was in Akure but I thank God. For six months, I wasn't on any assembly because of what I passed through then, there were series of problems then, until the authority posted me to Ifako Agege. I am grateful for the grace of God because the Bible says no one can receive anything except he has been given from above. Thank God for the training I received from those leaders also, one of them is Pastor John Olufemi Oyebanji and Pastor D.O.A Oloye, I worked under them. There were lots of characters to be emulated in them which I did emulate.

What is your advice for ministers these days?

What I will advise the young ministers of today is that this work is not rosy, they will surely face some difficulties. Even Christ said in this world we will face tribulations, but we should be cheerful because He has overcome the world. So they should try as much as possible to endure. Before all the ‘Babas’ at the top got to that position they are, they faced a lot of challenges. As Ministers of the Gospel, whatever challenge you may face in the ministry, I will advise you to endure so that you will be able to teach those people that are coming behind you.

What is your message to Ministers of God who are already giving up due to challenges? There are ministers who are tired of where they are posted by the Authority. There are also some planters who are fed up by challenges they are encountering in their assemblies. What is your message to them?

Jesus says in this world we shall have tribulations (challenges), but we should be cheerful because He has conquered the world. When we have the Scripture at the back of our mind, I believe that nothing will shake us. The Bible says in the time of trouble if we are weary it means our strength is small. We should know that if Christ can overcome His own challenges during His earthly ministry, we will overcome any challenge on our way in the ministry. According to the last verse of Hebrews chapter two, God is ready to assist us during the period of challenges if we believe. The Lord we are serving is the living God and He’s ready to assist us at all times.

There are ministers of God for whom everything is going in their favour, they are having success in the ministry and it seems they face little or no challenges. What is your message to such ministers?

I will advise such ministers not to misuse the grace. They should know that there is time for everything on earth. A time will surely come when they will pass through challenges. Things cannot be rosy at all times. They should make sure they uphold their faith in Christ Jesus. Challenges will come. It is something we must expect. Jesus Christ said let the cup pass over me, but He eventually said ‘let thy will be done.” At a time I was transferred from DCC to Zone. I never complained to the Authority until I have grace again to be posted to Somolu DCC. I was having 42 assemblies under me at Oniyo DCC, but when I was posted to Ogo Oluwa tan Sagamu Zone I was having just 14 assemblies.

Cuts-in: How many assemblies are under Somolu DCC?

W e have between 52 and 55 assemblies.

Church planting is one of the peculiarities of the founding fathers of the church. What is your vision in the area of church planting considering the fact that there are newly ordained ministers who don’t have stations in CAC?

Church planting is one of the areas we need to face as a mission and I think we have neglected this area. Church planting is number one of my visions for Somolu DCC and I mentioned it during my induction service. I believe in church planting if I have the assistance and it is part of our plan next year if Christ tarries. The Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor M.O. Yusuff challenged me that we should ensure we plant at least one assembly in a year and by God’s grace we will do that. And it won’t be like some church planters who will plant church and claim it as their personal property. It was not like that during the days of our fathers. Baba Akande, Ede planted about 52 churches and never claimed one. He only had one as a base. It is our prayer that the new regime in CAC will be able to work on church planting in the Church.

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