Happy birthday to CAC Ikorodu DCC Superintendent, Pastor Akinloye


Today is a remarkable day in the life of the DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Ikorodu Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor Lawrence O. Akinloye. The God's battle axe was born on this day 64years ago.

Pastor Akinloye belongs a generation of Pastor in CAC who planted many assemblies, but never claim any as their personal property.

The Spiritual Giant explained to CAC News his journey into the ministry;"I was working with professional lawyers as their Secretary when the Lord called me into the ministry. I also worked with some rich men as typist. Later on I applied to join the Nigerian Police Force. Out of 21 of us that went for their interview, it was only two of us that were picked and I was the first person. I have bought all the materials that I would use at Eleyele in Ibadan before I went to Late Prophet Timothy Obadare and a particular late Minister of God in Ilare for prayers. They told me that God said I was running away from Him and if I wanted to test Him, I should proceed in my plan to be a Policeman that I couldn’t go and come back safely,"

"I was very afraid and that was how I started my ministerial career. I went to Prophet Babajide but before going there I had started doing the work of ministry. When I got to Prophet Babajide he prayed for me and said God told him he should pray for me and I should go back to the field and continue my ministerial assignment. He said God ordered him to give me the authority for the work,"

"Later on I went to a particular Pastor Taiwo in Ife to train under him before I proceeded to meet the Late President of the church, Pastor E.T. Latunde. I went through three months training under Pastor Latunde. During the three months I was transferred to a particular assembly at Ajibandele in Oko-Ife and that was my first station. I was an Evangelist then. I spent 19 years as an Evangelist before I became a Pastor. From Ajibanadele I was transferred to Ipetumodu. I worked at three stations in Ipetumodu. From Ipetumodu I was transferred to Olugbode in 1976. From Olugbode I was transferred to Kano State in 1977 and from there to Chad. I was among the first set of people to take Christ Apostolic Church to Chad. I was transferred to Lagos from Chad and I worked in several stations planting churches. I planted four churches in Ikire, I planted 20 churches when I was at Ikoyi Mountain and two churches at Gbongan among others,"

"I was ordained a Pastor in the year 1993. I was transferred to Oshogbo, from Oshogbo to Akure. I spent ten and half years at CAC Oke-Igan in Akure before I was transferred to Ikorodu in the year 2018."


  1. Happy birthday our dear loving and caring father. PASTOR Akinloye. You will celebrate more in Jesus mighty name.

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