An eulogy to Pastor Jacob Oluwadare Obiwale @80

By Pastor Gideon Obiwale

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.” (Psalm 150:6)

So opined and exhorted, the psalmist uses the above Psalm as an invitation to all men to praise God who alone is worthy of our praises!

On this chord of praises, I invite all who has breath to join me in the hallelujah chorus to celebrate a victorious warrior, Icon of faith, epitome of success, an enduring soldier of God, a prophet with a special grace, a prayer champion, spiritual titan, a man after God's own heart, father of fathers and a fulfilling grandfather of the Obiwale's dynasty!

Who could have thought the possibility of something good to emerge from your NAZARETH? Today, you are not just an ordained pastor in Christ Apostolic Church, but your offsprings are equally lifting up the gospel banner in their individual sphere in Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide.

Today you are the father of Pastor Gideon Oyewole Obiwale, you have Pastor Abraham Babatunde Obiwale and Pastor Johnson Obiwale (to mention but few) who came from your loins to keep the fire burning on the Lord's altar. Indeed, you remain faithful to the divine covenant of God with your father. 

To continue to showering of encomium on you is worth more than that. Shall I remember your prayer life which is why we are what we are today? Or I should go on to tell of your faith demonstrations which is impactful on me till today? I just know that not even the pages available could suffice to eulogise you my Dad, Omo Jesu, because you are graciously enlisted to the OCTOGENARIAN club today the 6th of October, 2020.

Honestly my Dad, eighty looks good on you! This is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our sights... Therefore, on behalf of the Obiwales (Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren- home and abroad) I celebrate the goodness of God over you Pastor Jacob Oluwadare Obiwale and our dearest matriarch, Madam Maria Obiwale for seeing today in sound health and strong faith. 

I therefore beckon on all our friends and family to celebrate our patriarch with us, wishing him well in the name of the Lord of host!

#HappyWombEscapeDay Pastor Jacob Oluwadare Obiwale 

#Eighty_Looks_Good_On_You Omo Jesu

#LongLive our patriarch and matriarch


Signed: Pastor Gideon O. Obiwale (for the family)


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