Release yourself to God for complete processing, Pastor Aluko urges Ministers


By 'Gbenga Bankole

Ministers of the gospel across the globe have been urged to release themselves to God for complete processing in order for them to fulfill divine agenda. 

The National Sunday School Director of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor S.O. Aluko stated this while ministering on Wednesday September 23, 2020 at the 2020 Pastors' Conference.

He noted that process is God's way to make His people know Him, believe Him, trust Him and represent Him.

Pastor Aluko also said all Ministers of the gospel must be ready to process those following them, saying that the importance of discipleship cannot be overemphasized and the church needs strategically, deliberately planned teaching of the word of God.

"Ministers of the Gospel are to assist the Church i.e God's people, to know and accept God through Jesus Christ as the only ONE that is indispensable to their lives. His people cannot have a permanent lack of anything: good job, godly partner, peaceful home/house, godly children. The only time the Israelites lacked was when they sinned, abandoned their God and chose to rebel. Otherwise, they never lacked anything good. The believers must be taught and exposed to these truths," the Cleric said.

According to Pastor Aluko, Ministers are not called to do a thing that none has done before, noting that if some did it and succeeded in the past we will also succeed if we take note of God's people, God's programme, God's process and God's provision.

"The church, the fellowship, the mountain where you are graciously placed are made of God's people. You did not create them, neither did you die for them. God's people are His sheep, His sons, the heirs of the kingdom, His portion; therefore watch your actions. He is against wolves, hirelings, fake and godless ministers. The Chief Shepherd is watching," he stressed.

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