Christians don’t need to carry placards or emblems of identity before they are known - Cleric

Pastor Steve Kenny

By Rachael Oke

Regional Coordinator, CACYOF, Medaiyese Region, Pastor Steve Kenny, has said that Christians do not need to carry placards and emblems of identity before they are known.

Addressing the youths in Ibadan on Thursday, from Colossians 1:27, on the topic, "Christ in you, the hope of glory" which was the third lecture at the 2020 CACYOF Virtual International Conference, Pastor Steve said that Christ carriers do not need to announce to people before they are known to be in a place.

''If Christ is in you, you don’t need to tell us He is in you, Christ carriers don’t make noise before they are spotted, Christians do not need to carry placards and emblems of identity before they are  known because the Bible says by their works, you shall know them.''

According to Pastor Steve, that every youth who professes to be a Christian must reflect Christ in character. 

''If Christ is in you, your behaviors will reflect it. Where did you get the disobedience and insubordination you have today; still, you are professing that you are a Christian and  canvassing that you have Christ in you, where does it emanate from?''

He stated further, that the Church is a place of decorum where God, the founder, dictates what is being done.

''There is a pattern in God's kingdom, you cannot just say anything goes; the church is a place of decorum, where God rules and still remains the only one that dictates what will be in this kingdom.'' He said.

Explaining hope in two folds, from the context of Romans 8:19, Pastor Steve identified the present hope of being born again and the hope of living in the afterlife, as the ways in which every Christian youth must experience the hope of glory.

"What is your glory without Christ? There is nothing with the glory acquired outside Christ, the purpose of the glory given to you is for the purpose to advance the kingdom of Christ for life. So, if your glory will matter and relevant, then automatically you have to get hope in Christ and reign in Christ."

He concluded by stating that the only guarantee of every man and woman to come to the point of the manifestation of God's glory on earth and beyond is to be in Christ.

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