The best time to begin with God is early stage of your life, Dr. Olukoya tells youths at CAC VIYC 2020

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Overseer of 

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. D.K. Olukoya has told the youths that the best time to begin with God is early stage of their lives.

He further told the youths that it is important to have the correct idea of life when they are young.

Dr. Olukoya stated this while ministering last week at the Virtual International Youth Conference organised by Youth Directorate, CAC Worldwide.

According to him, there is a carefully planned and well articulated conspiracy against the youth of this generation, noting that unless there is divine intervention, the youth of this generation is finished. 

He said the enemy has constructed a careful plan to destroy the youths of this generation, adding that the lamentable tragedy is that the enemy is having a huge success in his agenda of the destruction of the youth. 

"Many youths are being destroyed day and night. Many youths are even dying before their time.

The old men are not threat to satan. Satan knows that if he kills the old men he wouldn’t have achieved more. Satan knows that his agenda can only be carried out by the young ones and not by the aged men and women. There is a conspiracy in the kingdom of darkness against the youths. The enemy  has drawn a battle line for the church, for our nation and the nations of the world. The battle line is not drawn with elders of church or those who are old, but with the young. In the last 50 years, while the church was playing games, the enemy went after the productive generation."

"The devil has prepared 12 cages to capture the youths of this age and they are drugs and alcoholism, inordinate love of money, rebellion against constituted authority, occultism, crooked business, seductive and satanic fashion, satanically inspired music, unholy relationships, peer pressure, internet and bad movies and bad books," he said.

Dr. Olukoya said many young people have no clue of how God expected them to live and it is a tragedy. 

The Cleric further said: "many have an idea of how they should live but they refused to pursue it. Many young people's idea of how to live their lives is completely out of tune with the Lord Almighty. Youth is not the time to sow bad seeds. It is not the time to occupy your life with sinful pleasures. It is not the time to run the race of vanity. It is not the time to explore the dark side of life."

"Youth is the time to find God, be in tune with God, buy the future with the currency of your presence, start knocking rough edges off yourself, plan how to beat the best and be the best, discover termites in your roots and fight them to standstill, know what is worth living for, yield to God’s call, set the stage for the future without tears and set future stage without regret.

"It is a time to forestall the possibility of using the first half of your life from making the second half miserable, it is a time to avoid coping with painful memory of badly spent youth later, it is a time to avoid handing over your youth life to the enemy, prevent your manhood/womanhood from becoming a struggle and regret, spend and be spent for God, hatch the egg of your destiny, lay the foundation for an impactful future, take preventive tablets against an old age of sorrow, climb the ladder to have a good life, your most acceptable time with God, it is the most advantageous time to serve God, time to align with God in the battle against the forces of darkness and consecrate yourself unto God."

He said: when you leave God out of the picture of your life in your youth and put Him in the picture later, you start your life behind schedule. 

According to him, in most cases, whatever one starts behind schedule does not go according to plan because you have started late. 

Dr. Olukoya told the youths that "this is the time for you to sort out your destiny. God plans for everyone. You are a divine destiny and God has a vision about your life and it is important you know that destiny on time. Destiny is the reason why you are living. Destiny is God’s divine purpose for your living. Destiny is the inner purpose of life. Destiny is the role you were created to play in life. Destiny is what you were created to achieve. Destiny is your divine blueprints."


  1. It is true that Christian do not need identity but our behavior towards the words of God and people show us as a Christian

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