Why we are no longer using Dove TV, but CACTV and online platforms for youth conference - Youth Officer

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro has explained why the Virtual International Youth Conference would not be broadcast live on Dove TV again.

It would be recalled that it was initially disseminated that the conference would be aired live on CAC TV, Dove TV, online platforms of youth fellowship (@cacyofworldwide) and social media pages of Prophet Hezekiah.

Meanwhile, in a chat with CAC News, the Youth Officer stated that the Youth Directorate couldn't reach a concrete agreement with the management of Dove TV.

He further explained that the concrete agreement is not on money issue, but the inability of Dove TV to agree to broadcast all the sessions of the conference.

According to him, Dove TV said they will only be able to broadcast two hours from each session of the conference and one hour from the last session of the closing day. 

In the same vein, in a bid to ensure everyone watch the conference which holds this week, the Youth Officer urged youth leaders and members of the church to purchase CACTV Decoder.

CACTV is the foremost official cable channel of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide.

Pastor Gbuyiro appealed to youth leaders from DCC to Assembly level to get the decoder which would be used to watch the conference from their viewing centres. 

CAC News learnt that all the sessions of the virtual conference would be broadcast live on CACTV, social media handles of the youth department (@cacyofworldwide) and Prophet Hezekiah page on Facebook and Prophet Hezekiah TV on YouTube.

The conference holds from Wednesday August 26 to Friday August 28, 2020 and it has two sessions per day: morning and evening sessions respectively. Morning session starts from 9am to 12noon, while evening sessions start from 4pm to 7pm.

You can get your CACTV decoder at your Regional Headquarters and CAC General Secretariat, Ibadan, with just N13,000 without monthly subscriptions. Call Mr. Dapo on +2348101974099 for more enquiries. Meanwhile, you can also watch CACTV by downloading VM Africa app on Playstore.


  1. Not good at all....... This new is coming too late...... Anyways we pray for d best... But how can strong decoder be use in this regards cos all attentions should not be on selling the CACTV decoder

  2. Please is their any C.A.C app on online stores. If there is,it could be used for live streaming.Also, the videos could be made available on facebook for live streaming or to be watched later.

    1. Download VM Africa on Playstore to watch on mobile. We will stream live on Facebook, Youtube and Zoom (@cacyofworldwide). Thanks

  3. Please the church authorities should work on registering on DSTV and Go TV because I think that is the most popular cable in Nigeria now. Pls take note

  4. Getting CACTV on DSTV, GOTV and Startime will be very good for us.... May the Lord help His church

  5. please let authority registered CACTV to both Dstv and gotv

  6. All is well! Soon we will be on DStv and GOtv

  7. We thank God and the Church Authority for their efforts to move CAC world wide forward this is a new development we're still looking for more improvement,to access on DSTV and others. God bless HIS Church. Amen.

  8. Our authority, This program is coming too late for the Youth and always remember Youths are integral part of the church. Don't put us aside. GOD HELP US.

  9. I think it will be a better option if CACTV can register with startime,gotv,DStv just like how DOVE TV did. That's a greatest means of reaching out to all members anywhere in the world.

  10. At least we ve started from somewhere. God will continue to uphold d youth fellowship and the church entirely

  11. Registering CACTV on gotv and dstv will be the best option for CAC members world wide. God helping us

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