“The Real Autograph” by Adebayo Stephen


I have listened and watched so many ministers speak of the devil in their teachings and sermons, in order to deliver their points to the audience, with so much passion and energy. The truth of the matter is, at the end of the day, the ministry of the devil is propagated while the undisputed and undefeated power of God is belittled.Holy Nonsense!

Let's talk about God here because the devil is not a factor, that name is just a distraction. I never for once argue of his existence but as for me, he has no power of any sort( my submission James 4:7). The devil is just like corona virus, it exist but not powerful as the NCDC has evangelized it in the recent time.

The gospel of Jesus, His love for mankind, death and resurrection, His imminent return requires men and women of faith who are deeply rooted in the understanding of God’s word and totally sold out for rugged evangelism not this herbalistic or 'elewe omo' crop of ministers we have today; apology to the innocent ones. I am so sorry that I will be blunt here because it is a burden laid on me by God Himself and I beg to be rude to anyone in whatever capacity. Some so called men of God are devil advocate! They only desire to wear that suit and white collar only. As earlier analysed in the first paragraph, they are stylishly and unconsciously serving the devil. It is evident in their modus operandi, their flaunting way of dressing and manner of approach to the ministry.

Autograph can be defined as an inscription or writings of a highly respected or famous personality on a document or medium. Synonymically, it is called a 'signature'. We all know that a message or document will not be authentic or well received if it doesn't carry the signature of the source, sender or the authority involved. So it is imperative to note that any ministry, spiritual activity or calling that does not carry the signature of the Almighty God is not genuine( By their fruits ye shall know them). Any calling or ministry that is not certified( signed) by God will definitely be autographed by the devil. So the big question is; Whose signature/autograph do you bear on ministry or call book?

Few days ago, the Lord was explaining some things to me about Signature and autograph. He said do you know that signature is an 'Implication'. That is why documents will not be signed until their content has been fully read and verified. Furthermore, you cannot sign a guarantors form without reading the content properly because the moment you append your signature on it, the whole implication rest on you either positively or otherwise. It is a show of consent and commitment, it connotes agreement. Interestingly, the moment God appends His autograph on your calling or ministry, it has an implication and likewise the devil too.

God’s signature-the real autograph( a seal of consent and power)

Note: God will not sign any document (call) having the content of the devil in it and that is why so many ministers thought that having embrace the devil for power, they can now name it after God. 'Ofege' 'Awuruju' ( fake documents) they have forgotten that Gods signature cannot be forged! and it cannot be appended anyhow Lobatan!

When the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do? It is a pity that so many true ministers of God are toiling in deep waters of uncertified ministry and calling. It’s high time we stop looking for information rather we ask God for revelation. Some are identified but have lost their way by trying to be like others. They want to acquire the mundane things of this world and so therefore sign a life contract with the devil, bringing the contract paper to God for attestation Impossicant! No wonder we have so many of them with white collar and branded suit yet they still involve in 'Ise woli'( washing of heads in the river, breaking of coconuts, misuse of the book of psalms, black soap and oil for deliverance and Al sort). These ones are wasted products!

Does it interest you that I came in contact with one of them recently and surprisingly to me, the so called man of God man of God promised to get me a job on the premise of sleeping with my fiancée after collecting my CV. I laughed! Imagine if I had consented, after messing with my future wife, he will still call me ' brother God bless you'. Insanity!

Any ministry or calling that is having the seal of God is a wasted Adventure for both the members and everyone involved!. For young and coming ministers, if you are passing through fire now, please wait on the Lord, I believe He is still reading the content of your calling, let Him sign it before you kick start and for those who are carrying a fake signature, it is not too late to get the real autograph/ signature.

We shall all be Rapturable!

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