"Safety in the Lord's name" by Pastor Adeleke Ezekiel

Proverbs 18:10
The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous man runs into it, and is safe. 

Proverbs chapter 18 contains some ethical and social virtues which are necessary for a balanced day-to-day lifestyle. The verse under consideration (Pro. 18:10) metaphorically relates the name of a Lord to a tower. In the day of battle, everyone will definitely seek to hide in the safest place available. Of all options available, the best option seen by the writer (Solomon) as the safest is the name of the Lord.

How is the name of the Lord a Tower?

1. The Height: A tower is a very tall building, either standing alone or as part of a building. The name of the Lord is above every other name (Phil. 2:9). The height of other names does not matter wherever the name of Jesus Christ is at work. There is   no short tower. A tower can be seen many kilometers away before getting to where it is actually situated due to its height. The name of Jesus is far taller than this. It can be seen by all as clearly as the sky can be seen by whoever lifts up his eyes.

2. The Strength: A tower is made of concrete, so that it can withstand the force of the wind when it gets fierce. When the storm rages, the tower keeps standing and its occupants are not afraid because of the materials that constituted its erection. The name of Jesus is far stronger than this. It has the force to bend every knee (Phil. 2:10) and stimulate every tongue into positive confession (Phil. 2:11). Naturally, a tower is strong; but for emphasis purpose, and to further describe how strong the name of the Lord is, it is described as a “strong” tower. Its strength can only be comprehended when experienced and not through a narrated story.

3. The Broader View: Whoever is on a tower will have the opportunity to see farther and broader. The name of Jesus gives one the opportunity to see beyond what the physical eyes can behold at a particular time. What a man sees, either physically or abstractly, determines his pursuit in life. Note that a man cannot rise above the level of his vision. Vision keeps a ‘living’ man alive (Pro. 29:18). To stay alive and relevant, there is a need to see things beyond where those walking on the ground are seeing. There is a need to climb the tower; the name of the Lord. Great cities do have towers, where the whole terrain of the city can be viewed and updates on current happenings could be generated. If you want to know what the future has for you, climb the tower; the name of the Lord. No airport ignores the idea of the person in its control-tower. Being in the name of the Lord can give you a higher priority than that of the man in an airport’s control-tower. Pharaoh had to follow the idea of Joseph, a man who depends on the name of the Lord, and the whole land was exempted from the ravaging famine that troubled the earth (Genesis 41:33-43).

5. The Weaponry: In a tower, ammunitions can be kept for use in times of war. There is no weapon that has a better efficacy and efficiency like the name of the Lord. No wonder David armed himself with it while facing Goliath (I Sam. 17:45) and he was not disappointed. Saul was the tallest in the land of Israel but someone taller than him scared him. David introduced the one whose name has no counterpart and the victory was gotten. The tower can also be a good point where a better view of enemies to be maimed can be gotten. When you are uncertain of the next step to take in life’s journey, climb on the shoulder of the name of the Lord by going down on your knees to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. Prayer in the name of Jesus is the greatest weapon a child of God can use to overcome the work of the flesh and gain total liberation from the grip of the devil.

Criteria for Safety
The tower of a building is not accessible for everybody, but by only those who are certified to have business in that portion of the building through owning the building, acquaintance with the owner of the building or a profession which entitles one to mount it. Likewise, the name of the Lord, as a strong tower, has its standard which cannot be altered. As stated in the text, the criteria for gaining access into the name of the Lord are:

1. Righteousness: The text makes it clear that the man that is qualified to enter into this strong tower is ‘the righteous man.’ What does it mean to be righteous? Simply put, righteousness means doing it right from God’s perspective. Before a man can be said to be righteous, he must have submitted himself totally to the will of God by confessing Christ as his savior and walking in His steps. In Luke 9:23, Jesus Christ gave a three-phase instruction to anyone who wishes to come after Him: (i) Self denial, (ii) Daily taking up of cross and (iii) Following Him. To gain safety in the name of the Lord, you must first submit to the perfected work of salvation on the cross. A man who has a right stand with God does not need to proclaim it about; it would be evident through his lifestyle. Being righteous is a non-negotiable attribute to gain access to the name of the Lord as a strong tower. Righteousness determines how loyal a man will be to the name. No one climbs a tower to play. The name must not be handled with disdain. It must be hallowed (Matt. 6:9).

2. Willingness: Only the one who runs into the strong tower is safe. There is a sure safety when one is in the name of the Lord. There are many fiery darts that can be hurled by the enemies but being in the name of the Lord guarantees safety. The Lord does not ignore whoever runs (willingly) into His name. Psalm 23:3 records that “He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Being a sheep of God, a member of His fold, exempts you from the punishments that the goats may be suffering. The purpose of this is not farfetched: For His name’s sake. God’s word and His name are one (Ps. 138:2). He would not allow whoever runs into His name to suffer hurt so that His name would not be seen as inefficient. Whoever runs into His name enjoys peace, which supersedes the one that the world has to offer.

Success in the day of battle is not only determined by the quality of the weapon, but by the skill of its user. Truly, everyone needs safety, but there is the need to show it to God that one is willing to be safe by living a righteous life and running to Him in all circumstances.
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