No Christian is healthy until he or she has fruit-of-the-Spirit, says Pastor Joe Jacobs

Pastor Joe Jacobs

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Amuwo Odofin Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Lagos, Pastor Joe Jacobs has said that the fruit of the Spirit is the result of our yielding to God and no Christian is healthy until he or she is having all the nine.

Pastor Joe Jacobs who stated this while ministering on Sunday April 26, 2020 at the Sunday Service of the church which was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube took the Bible reading from Galatians chapter 5 verses 17 to 22, adding that the fruit of the Spirit are nine but in a singular form.

He noted that the fruit of the Spirit are Love which is Agape, unconditional not lust, Joy (deep divine gladness that surpasses mere happiness), Peace (cool and composed in all condition),
Longsuffering (patience even when you feel cheated),  Gentleness (being excessively kind), Goodness (genuine philanthropy filled with good work), Meekness (special kind of humility) and Temperament (self control; manifesting moderation in everything).

He stressed that all the fruit of the Spirit proves that the Spirit of Christ is living in us.

According to him, we should be crucified with Christ so as to multiply and increase, noting that the main reason for our existence after conversion is to bear fruit and that fruitfulness attracts favour.

Pastor Joe Jacobs stated that the fruit of the Spirit proves where we truly belong, our fruits are our first true identification and our attitude will reveal if we are truly for Christ.

The fruit of the Spirit according to the cleric proves that we are carriers of God's glory, saying that God is expecting us to manifest and we yield when we are totally connected to Him.

"Christ is expecting that His fruit will continue when we are no more. We cannot reproduce if we don't have this Spirit in us.To achieve this, set your eyes on the things above, set your affections on the things above, be dead to the flesh, be renewed in knowledge," he stated.
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