Lockdown: Let end-time-revival start from our homes, Pastor Odesola urges Christians

Pastor Taye Odesola

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church, New Life Assembly, Ibadan, Pastor Taye Odesola has urged Christians across the globe to use this period of lockdown to start building marital lives on Jesus Christ our solid and eternal Rock of salvation.

Pastor Odesola stated this in his message obtained by CAC News.

In his exact words: "many things we call revival these days are not revival. Drumming, dancing, clapping, singing and shouting in the Church or any religious gathering are just noise making, not revival. All we do is just whip up people's emotions, get them excited and make them sweat.
Mobilising a large gathering of people in an auditorium or in a stadium for religious events is not a revival. What usually happens after such a large gathering? It's always 'business as usual.' Real revival begins in the hearts of individuals. Revival usually begins as a personal experience before it spreads to others around us. Real revival begins with the circumcision of our hearts - a circumcision that leads to genuine repentance and forsaking of sins. Revival results in spiritual rebirth and a complete surrender of self to the Lord."

"In Nigeria, we are very religious but not spiritual. Ours is a Christianity without morality. We carry the Bible on our heads but not in our hearts. We don't practise what we read, preach and teach. We grasp for the world with our right hand and reach out for heaven with our left. Revival fire never gets sparked under such a situation.
Revival begins as an individual experience before it begins to spread around. It takes a revived person to revive others. To set the world on fire, we must have been on fire ourselves."

"When revival begins in the heart of a husband, his wife may soon catch the fire, then the fire will spread to the children. That was exactly what happened in the home of Jonathan Edwards. We can ignite it in our homes too.
As we pray for the Endtime Revival, let's kindle the fire in our individual homes. Let's use this Coronavirus pandemic lockdown as an opportunity to rebuild the altar of prayer, holiness and love in our homes. Let's break down all the walls of division, hostility and misunderstandings in our homes and reset our family's foundation firmly on Christ. Let's start building our marital lives on Jesus Christ our solid and eternal Rock of salvation."

"Let us use this period to teach our children by precepts and through personal examples that true success is not measured in cash and fame. True success is built on truth, honesty, integrity, selflessness, hard work and close relationship with God. True success means helping others to succeed. True success is how and where we end our life's journey.May the Lord give us the grace to do it and end well, in Jesus name."
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