Good Friday: COVID-19 conquered by the speaking blood at calvary

By Evang. Timothy. K. Babalola

Coronavirus Pandemic also known as COVID-19 is a fulfilment of prophecy for it has been written in the book of Joel 1ff. If this has been said and is being fulfilled in our time, the solution as well had been made available at CALVARY because the speaking blood of Jesus already conquered the Pandemic.

I will like to take us through a journey in the Bible about the pertinence and significance of the Blood.

The Bible states clearly that the life of a man is in his blood (Lev 17:11). This makes it clear that the life of a man is his blood.

How come the blood speaks?

.....The blood of your brother speaks to me from the ground (Gen 4:10)

This simply implies that the blood has mouth which enables it dish out utterance. The blood is beyond the red substance that we see, for it is the only accepted substance for security, safety, reconciliation and adoption into the family of God.

The blood of Abel speaks vengeance unto the Lord.

If the blood has mouth to speak, what are people's blood speaking about you?

The Lord told me of a businessman that maltreats his staff and climbs on people's blood to get to the top. I was told the people's blood will soon wage war against him. As I speak the man's business is gradually going down. Why ❓Because blood speaks.

Are you still doubtful of the speaking blood, join me in Heb12:24.
.... And to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel.

Wow 😮! The blood of Jesus also speaks but guess what ❓ He speaks better things than Abel.

 How come the blood CONQUERS?

And thou shall take the blood and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper post of the houses wherein they shall eat it. Exo12:7.

Wonderful! The Israelites were instructed on how to make use of the blood, why ❓because an Angel of death was set to pass through the land and the only thing that could avert them being partakers of the looming, impending death is the blood.
Do you now see that the blood conquers? It conquered the Angel of death just at a mere sight.

Let me draw your attention to something, they were told to splash the blood vertically and horizontally; this simply signifies the cross.

The Spiritual Cross (the blood) has been active before the physical death of Jesus

They were told to splash the blood vertically and horizontally, which means when the Angel sees the blood that signifies Jesus Christ, it will pass over them because ....the Lamb (Jesus) was slain from the foundation of the world (Rev13:8).

.... Because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and nation (Rev 4:9, NIV).

It simply implies that the blood has been speaking from the foundation of the earth.

How Is COVID-19 Conquered At Calvary?

The minute Christ gave up the ghost on the Cross of Calvary, everything was settled. Sickness was settled.
Stagnancy was settled.
Sinfulness was settled.
Pandemic was settled.
Embedded in the blood is solution to everything that faces  humanity.

As the agent of death saw the blood and passed away, that's how the COVID-19 will look away from the children of God (Psalm91:1-7).

The blood of Jesus Christ contains the solution for humanity no matter what may come, because the blood is the solution to every problem.

How do you get the blood❓

It's very easy and simple to access and have the stream of blood flow in you.

The Good in Today's Friday is because Christ chose to die for our sins.

If Christ died for our sins, should you leave his death to go in vain?

You will only be at bay if you accept him as your Lord and Saviour.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe will not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16.

Let me open your eyes to something profound than how it appears. For God so loved the world......
It is to be noted that the love of God is meant for the world and not restricted to Christians, but the acceptability of the love of  God depends on you.
If you want to claim the love of God, accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour so that the speaking blood of Jesus Christ that conquered COVID-19 at CALVARY will speak for you.

Steps to activate the blood:

1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour
2. Acknowledge you are a sinner (1John1:8)
3. Confess your sins (1 John1:9)
4. Repent from your sins, (Acts 17:30, Rev 2:16)
5. Forsake the old things and cleave to Christ Jesus. (2 Cor 5:17)
6. Pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17)
7. Study the word at all times (Joshua 1:8)

Am sure if you do the above and other related steps, the speaking blood of Jesus that conquered COVID-19 at CALVARY will speak for you and keep you at bay.

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