Abandon your will for God's will, Pastor Odejobi urges Christians

As Christians across the globe commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Transfiguration Zone, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi has urged all Christians to abandon their will for God's will.

He further stated that this must be done in order for the reason of Christ's suffering and death to be achieved on us.

Pastor Odejobi stated this while ministering on the topic "The Four Cardinals of the Cross" during the Good Friday service of the Zone which was broadcast live on Mixlr (click on the link to listen

The Cleric said: according to the Jews, the cross is a wood made for offenders to be condemned, adding that it is a tree of reproach and condemnation.

Speaking on the significance of Good Friday, the renowned Prophet and Evangelist said Jesus was born for us to be born again and He came for the work of redemption for whoever believes in Him.

He further stressed that Jesus Christ came to the world as the Son of God to suffer for whoever believes in Him not to suffer.

He noted that the four cardinals of the cross symbolize the
word of God (John 1:4), name of Jesus (John 14:14),  blood of Jesus (for purification) and Spirit of God (Holy Spirit Act 1:8).

Pastor Odejobi also said that the thief by the left side of Jesus at Calvary signifies lifeless Christian, adding that as Christians we must believe in what the four cardinals of the cross symbolize to overcome every situation, particularly the one at hand in the country and across the globe.

"Imitating Christ is the only positive repentance. The thief on the left of the Cross of Christ represents those who have not repented of their sins; though in the Church, but regard not the four cardinals of the Cross. They are referred to as the 'fools' who are perishing, according to 1Cor.1:18. The thief on the right of the Cross of Christ represents those who have repented from their sins, accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and equally reckon with the four cardinals of the cross. They believe in the Word of God because of its potency and efficacy. They believe in the name of Jesus with which we ask from God. They believe in the Blood of Jesus which is for purification and they believe in the Spirit of God Who helps us in witnessing for Christ about the things we have evidenced about Him, that is, His birth, suffering, death and resurrection and the upcoming events which we are sure of i.e. the second coming of Christ and other events which will follow," Pastor Odejobi stated.

He noted that the major hindrance to repentance is self-will, adding that self-will disturbed Jesus in the Garden of Gesthemane before He eventually surrendered to the will of God (Matt.26:39).
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