COVID-19 Relieve:CAC donates N5 million to Oyo State Government

Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun

The authorities of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide have made a monetary donation of Five Million Naira to the Oyo State Government to provide relief for the people in order to contain the COVID 19 pandemic.

The donation, which was transferred into the State government's account on Monday and which has been acknowledged by the relevant government agency,according to the President of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Abraham Olukunle Akinosun, is to assist the government meet some of its financial responsibilities.

Pastor Akinosun, Who commended  the efforts  being made by the Governor of Oyo State,Governor Oluseyi Abioidun Makinde since the outbreak of the pandemic in Nigeria, said the church observed that the state government alone should not be left to bear the burden.

"The pandemic has brought all activities, be it economic, social, political to a sudden lock down, the sources to finance the response of government to this pestilence have almost been totally blocked. A situation like this calls on all the people of goodwill to rally round the government by offering their "widow's mite" to assist the government," the Cleric stated.

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide has also rejoiced with the OYO State Governor for testing negative to COVID 19.

He therefore prayed that God would endow him with sound health, wisdom and all the wherewithal needed to curtail and contain the raging pandemic.

Pastor Akinosun reiterated that the church's donation was meant to assist on the government effort to ameliorate the situation and lighten the burden of the people.

He finally prayed that God would heal all those who already tested positive of the disease, and completely wipe out the pandemic in Nigeria and the whole world.

Pastor Ademisoye Alawode


  1. What a great and excellent move that show's we're concerned about the welfare of the nation at this present needs, it's my prayer that God will uphold His Church IJN. Big thanks to the authorities!

    1. J'ai apprécié fortement ce geste merci au autorités de l'Eglise Apostolique du Christ monde entier. Mais je vous rappelle que il y a aussi d'autres Etats qui sont dans le même besoin que l'état d'Oyo. Ensuite en dehors du Nigeria il y a aussi d'autres pays là où se trouve vos fidèles qui sont aussi dans la situation de COVID-19. Alors il faut se souvenez d'eux aussi.

  2. Nigeria Government have the money to feed Nigerians.It is totaly wrong to donate money to looters and corrupt politicians who never cares for the masses. Reigious organization should have come together and combine resources and effort to feed and meet the need of Nigerians. The money you all donated is a waste. Lotters and corrupt politicians will eventually waste and chop the money.

  3. Baba eku ise o, but is it only Oyo state that covid 19 is affecting? Or is it now C.A.C.Oyo state and no more C.A.C world wide?

  4. It suppose be donation for the nation-wide not a particular state this is CAC world-wide.not Oyo state CAC.well may be as God Directed him.

  5. Seriously,am surprised that such donation could be made to the purse of politicians that careless for the well-being of the masses.When the relieved materials as well as the huge sum donated by individuals,Ngos and Government are now being looted by these wicked politicians.

  6. Great move. CAC assemblies who have the capacity should see to the needs of the less privileged within the assemblies at this time as parliative support. Thanks to the Church Authority headed by Pastor Akinosun.

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