Cleric to Christians: Let it be your priority to live by feeding on Word of God, praying, worshipping the risen Lord

Pastor Olu Olorunpomi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Eternal Praise, Lagos, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi has advised Christians across the globe to let it be our priority to live by feeding on the Word of God, praying and worshipping the risen Lord.

Pastor Olorunpomi who noted this while preaching on the topic "Life Beyond the Grave" on Easter Sunday in one of the House Fellowship Centres of the assembly took his text from Matthew chapter 28 verse 1-20.

He said the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the empty cross and the empty grave are proofs of His victory.

He noted that at this moment, the world is passing through the grave of COVID-19, many individuals and families are passing through the graves of poverty, affliction, suffering, darkness, oppression, etc., noting that the good is this: for everyone who believes, there is life beyond the grave.

"When Jesus was in the grave, the disciples were not interested nor involved in things that did not really matter. No more useless arguments on who would be the greatest or whose sin caused a person's sickness. They were really concerned and began to appreciate what really matters. In the same way, as the world is battling COVID-19, we have really come to discover the real issues of life. Even after His resurrection, Jesus charged and commissioned His disciples to focus on those important things. And that is today's message. There is life beyond the grave. There is life after COVID-19, he said.

Pastor Olorunpomi said living, loving and learning are the essentials of life.

He stated further that "the priority for most people now is to live in sound health. Wealth no longer counts. Most people are concerned with feeding to be alive. Henceforth, as Christians, let it be our priority to live by feeding on the Word of God, praying and worshipping the risen LORD. Don't just exist, begin to live. The world now knows the value of love for one another. Beyond COVID-19, let brotherly love continue. Reach out to people around you with food for the body and Gospel for the soul and spirit.

"As Jesus was in the grave, the disciples were searching and digging for knowledge about the happenings. And with COVID-19, there has been greater awareness of end-time events. Let us keep unlearning, learning, relearning. Study the scriptures. Keep learning to become a better person in relationship, career, marriage, etc but with focus on the soon coming King."
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