CAC Worldwide sends new directive to assemblies in Europe, America, African Countries, urges them to abide by safety measures

President of CAC Worldwide, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, has encouraged assemblies of the Church in Anosike Region (Europe), Latunde Region (North America) and other African Countries to abide by all instructions and safety measures put in place by government and health experts in their areas.

In a circular signed by the General Secretary of the Church, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur directed to all Regional, DCC, Zonal and District Superintendents, the Church authority commended all members who are medical personnel in different health establishment for their relentless efforts to make sure that the pandemic does not spread unnecessarily.

The Authority of the Church encouraged all ministers, church workers and the entire membership to be steadfast in this trying time of both our health and faith, stating that it is certain that we shall overcome and sing the victor's song at the end.

"The Church and other sectors of human endeavours are passing through an unprecedented stage of their life in history. We must know that by the grace of God, we are more than conqueror. The Church shall not be overcome. Matthew 16:18 says '...and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it,' knowing full well that individuals are the Church and the temple of God, not the building," the Authority said.

Members of the church were further commended by the Church authority for their effort and courage to stand up for Jesus Christ in this trying time, adding that this is a time for sober reflection and to be more dedicated to Christ as we stay at home.


  1. May God bless our Church Authority for this great concern in time like this. His mercy and grace will continue to uphold and strengthen our mission in Jesus' name.

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