Bible remains the best manual to have a godly marriage- Marriage Counsellor

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Convener of Royal Home Foundation International (RHFI), Mrs. Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi has said that Bible remains the best manual to have a godly marriage.

Mrs. Abimbola-Akanbi stated this in her write-up titled "50 Words of Wisdom in Building a Goldy Marriage" obtained by CAC NEWS

The 50 words of wisdom are as follows;

1. Marriage is not a Contractual Agreement ; It is a Covenantal Union between a matured man and woman.

2. When a woman loves the family of her husband, especially her mother-in-law, she automatically gets the best of her husband.

3. Let love rule over all situations in your home. Where there is love; There is peace and so joy and abundant of all good things.

4. A successful Singlehood lived in godliness,  is a pathway to a successful marriage .

5. Let your children see your marriage as a model.

6. A home where God is daily exalted, will enjoy God's presence and uncommon lifting.

7. A life and marriage that is connected to God can never fail. He sustains His own!

8. Whoever is connected to God can never be molested. Molestation comes when there is a disconnection from the living source.

9. What distinguishes an individual from others and a family from other families, is nothing but the presence of God.

10. One of the super sure way to get your spouse's love without stress, is to love who and what h/she loves.

11. If you sow the seed of cruelty into your marriage relatiobship today, be ready to reap the fruit of suffering in your old age.

12. Bible remains the best mannual to have a godly marriage.

13. One of the secrets of successful marriage in this 21st century, is for husband and wife to support each other without discriminating their roles.

14. If you have to take permission from your parent on how to relate with your wife, as a husband , you are still a child and not a man.

15. It takes two friends to live joyfully in marriage. They might not have it all but they'll  live in comfort and harmony as if they have it all. A sure secret to successful marriage.

16. It isn't too late to turn your spouse to your best friend. Though you didn't start the journey as friends, you can still achieve it.

17. God will never give His son/ daughter to a killer as a husband/wife. Get Him involved from the beginning. He will not mislead you.

18. No matter how you put it, GOD HATES DIVORCE. God's Word isn't base on feelings. It is the breath of God.

19. Your spouse is you. So, start relating with your spouse as you'll want to be related with.

20. Don't be afraid to get married because of failed marriages around you. Only allow God to lead you. Your case is different!

21. To all single ladies, having a marital affair for whatever reason, with a married man is a journey of no return. Don't be deceived.

22. The understanding of your purpose in life will determine the kind of person you will journey with in marriage.

23. As a child of God, you don't talk about marriage, if you don't have a relationship with God.

24. Charisma and beauty can attract you to a man, but only good character will retain you in his heart.

25. When you are in a man's heart , you're in his world, when you're in his world, you will forever be in his home.

26. No matter who you are, what you have and the wealthy background you're coming from, submission is key in marriage.

27. Submission is not subjugation. It isn't a Boss/Servant relationship , neither is it a Superior/Subordinate relationship.

28. When a man loves God Supremely, he will love his wife genuinely.

29. Every woman should learn to speak quietly. Yelling (nagging )pushes a man away from home.

30. Anyone with godly virtues can build a godly marriage.

31. You can't be swimming and romancing with worldlines and expect godly son or daughter of God to be connected to you in marriage.

32. The friends you keep today will either make or mar your life and marriage .

33. Your character speaks louder than your beauty/cuteness and status. In fact, you are not beautiful more than your character.

34. If you have good character, you're already a candidate of marital favour.

35. Virtues of the Kingdom must be developed in you ,if you desire a beautiful marriage.

36. No two marriages are the same. Do an analytical study of your spouse and environment where you live, come up with what can work for your marriage.

37. Don't be carried away by  your elaborate wedding, focus rather on your marriage.

38. Any man who beats a lady is not matured for marriage. Such a fellow should not be considered for marital relationship until he is fully matured. Maturity is a quality for marriage!

39. Don't manage an abusive relationship. You won't be able to endure it when you are married.

40. It is better to remain single in God's waiting room for settlement, than to marry without God's approval and live an eternal life of frustration.

41. You can't have a good marriage no matter your level of Spirituality, if you are not homely as a man or a lady. Speaking in tongues can't replace being homely.

42. Marriage is ordained in heaven, but its budget is being run on earth. Be financially equipped for your marriage .

43. Get your mind adequately prepared to enjoy Sex with your spouse alone in marriage.

44. Sex in marriage is a tonic to the body; While it is toxic to the body, life and destiny outside marriage .

45. Don't go into marriage without the proper knowledge of how to take care of children. Start reading books on proper parenting.

46. If you depend on your parents for counsel on how to manage your spouse, you have not left to cleave.

47. A godly marriage is between three people - God, Husband and Wife.

48. Work on yourself and marriage to make it the best . No role is permanent in a godly marriage. Roles are played based on availability and capability.

49. When you run your marriage on the principles of God's Word , your success is guaranteed.

50. You are only permitted to fight for your marriage and not your marriage. Be deliberate to build  your marriage and never pull it down with your hand!

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