Single Special Nite programme to hold in Lagos at CAC Ketu 1 zonal headquarters on March 20

By 'Gbenga Bankole

A Destiny helping programme facilitated by Bro Unction Timothy Olufemi of Christ Apostolic Church, Praise Chapel, Ile-Ife, tagged "Single Special Nite" would hold at CAC Ketu 1 Zonal headquarters, Ketu, Lagos on Friday March 20, 2020 by 9pm.

The theme of the programme which is being held across the country is:"Destiny, Sex and Marriage."

The Facilitator of the programme, Bro Unction Timothy Olufemi said Singles Special Nite is an annual programme gathering thousands of youths with the aim of redemption, restoration, reformation, rehabilitation, empowerment and perfection of wasted and wasting lives and destinies.

He further stated that the programme started by January 2003 with the record of over two thousand five hundred singles in attendance and increases year after years to the tune of 10,000 participants in a meeting.

SSN 2020 (18th of its kind) is to be implement in 10 Cities, 10 Campuses, 7 States and 2 Nations (Nigeria and Ghana).

"We fail to agree with the errors and lines of indiscipline that the devil introduced and fully established among the youths and in the institution of marriage. With the increase in corrupt and perverted orientations among youths leading to un-checked moral vices, sexual abuse, immoralities, sexual perversion, massive destiny wastage, SSN 2020 is being launched out as God’s weapon for deeper understanding on the subject of sex.

According to him, the programme is aimed towards the genuine redemption of the total youth of our generation.

Bro. Olufemi also said it is towards full understanding and fulfillment of everyone's purpose and Ministry.

SSN 2020 had been successfully implemented in the following centers;
CAC OgoOluwatobi District HQ - February 13
RCCG Kuforidua, Ghana - February 14
CAC Redemption HQ, Nyanya, Abuja - February 16
SHEKINAH Christian Centre, Nassarawa- February 17-19
CAC Koseunti Zonal HQ, Kaduna - February 21
CAC Oke Ayo DCC HQ, Baakun, Ipetumodu March 13.

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