Corona Virus and the Spiritual Affiliations by Ado Adeboye Philip

The prevailing virus that has eaten deep the fabrics of nations is COVID-1919. Different speculations are making rounds in different quarters about this deadly virus. Many  people believe it is natural while only few of us saw the virus as an Eye-Opener.

Without doubt, this virus doesn't honour the rich,  and it is spreading beyond preventive measures highlighted by medical experts. As of now, bigwigs who were chosen by God to pilot affairs have contracted it, while some proletariat, who are at the lower class also come in contact with the virus, therefore it doesn't exclude  those at the corridors of power.

Without much ado, the virus has spiritual affiliations, because it's just one of the signs of the end time. Evidently, It is an indisputable fact that countries have not experienced this  gridlock from time immemorial, to the extent that some service industries are on compulsory holiday. Even Churches are said to be deserted as part of measures to stop the spread of this virus.

To buttress my point with a typical reference to Matthew Chapter 24, the Bible tells about the signs of the end time. As Jesus was sitting on the mount of Olive, his disciples accosted him and said, "when will this happen? What will be the signs of your coming and the signs of the end time?"

Jesus said to them, "Don't let anyone fool you, you will soon hear about wars and threats of war, but don't be afraid. "Nations and kingdoms will go into war against each other, people will starve to death, in some places, there will be earthquakes." It is written in Yoruba Bible in as "Ajakale Arun" which literarily means disease which will be part of the signs of the end time.

COVID-19 is just a sign of the end time. As a nation we need to return to God. This trending virus is just a reminder of what has been spelt out in Matthew Chapter 24. We all need to go back to Christ and mend our ways. 

The society is porous, hence devil now perpetuate all his demonic power under two facets. Firstly he had plagued the world with immoral sins, whereby people don't consider the yardstick of  consequences anymore. Such sins include fornication, adultery, rape and host of others.

The second phase is what I term diabolical decadence which include smoking anything  smokable, drunkenness, stealing, among others.

Infact, Devil now uses the youth to carry out his experiment. As of today, youths remain the target audience of the devil, that's why Satan himself entangles this present generation with the aforementioned sins.

The consequences of the above are not kept at arm's length. Two common consequences can be alluded, in particular, when we fall flat into sin. Frontally, the first consequence is "Ichabod" which means Glory will surely depart from anyone who is controlled by his own desires.

The second consequence is very simple: "Heavenly home is not secured" when you dine with Mr. Flesh, which means you have traded your salvation.

Above all, we have seen the sign, we need to stop all bad behaviours. Every individual will need to go back to Christ like the prodigal son.

The time is near, but as stated, "I will come like a thief at night, nobody knows the time. Don't trade your salvation, please return home. Don't be scared of any disease.
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