How church workers can be agents of church growth- Pastor Dada

Pastor G.S. Dada

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Ibukun Oke-Ado Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor G.S. Dada has said Church workers need to convey to the mind of church members the necessity for the church to experience growth in every facet of life.

Pastor Dada noted this while ministering at 'Ministers'/ Church Workers' Refresher Course organized by CAC Sanngo DCC, Ibadan, last week.

He said church workers must participate in church growth, that is, they have to make themselves available for every programme, saying that they can enhance growth in the church.

According to him, church workers have to support church growth with their material and spiritual gifts, adding that they should know that everything God gives them is to cause His church to grow.

"Church workers have to pray for church growth. Their agony in prayer everyday is to cry to God to cause growth among the church members and the entire body. They must pray to God to grow the church of Christ both physically and spiritually. They have to give maximum cooperation to the church leader (Pastor) who desires that the church of Christ should grow. No one among the church workers should plan to pull down what God is doing to make His church grow by working against the leader's plan to actualize it," the Cleric said.

Pastor Dada also said that whoever must be a church worker must not be proud irrespective of his or her gift.

According to him, to be a worker in God's vineyard is an opportunity which must not be misused.

He said every worker in God's vineyard is a servant (including the Minister) and God is the owner of the work, not anybody.
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