CAC Sanngo DCC holds Refresher Course for Ministers, Wives, urges them to preach wholesome gospel, not one-line-of-truth

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was a day of divine encounter with the Holy Spirit through the undiluted word of God when Christ Apostolic Church, Sanngo Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Sango, Ibadan, held Refresher Course for Ministers and their wives on Friday January 24, 2020.

The programme which was part of 2020 Ministers'/Church Workers' Refresher Course of the DCC had two different sessions. The first session was for Ministers, while the second session was for Ministers and their wives.

While delivering the welcome address, the DCC Superintendent of Sanngo DCC, Pastor J.B. Agunbiade said the theme of the refresher course which is "God in the Administration of Man" is a sensational and thought- provoking one.

He noted that God, right from creation of man till date, has been at the helm of affairs of man, saying that He knows our frailty.

"He knows without Him we are nothing and we can be nothing. He has dealt and still dealing with man dispensationally. Yet, He stamps His authority or sovereignty on and on by not totally leaving man to Himself. His (God) reign is endless. Yes of course, the earlier we recognize His sovereignty and Almightiness in the affairs of man, the easier it will be for us to tend towards Him in unwavering faith and unreserved trust with our lives," he stated.

The DCC Superintendent of Oke-Ibukun Oke-Ado DCC, Pastor G.S. Dada who was the Guest Minister for the programme urged the ministers while ministering not to preach only one-line-of truth, but a wholesome gospel.

He noted that ministers may start on one line of truth, but must grow to preach the whole truth of God's word.

The Cleric stated: "You may start with faith, finances and grace, but balance it with godliness, faithfulness and purity as time goes by. Ministers with only one line of truth don't usually last long. It's either they move into error or they are ruined by scandals. God will confirm His word, not your theories."

Pastor Dada while urging them to be effective minsters said effective minsters must maintain high moral standards for others to emulate.

The Cleric also urged Ministers to stop drawing men to themselves but to Jesus Christ the Head of the church.

"There are a lot of things some Ministers are doing to draw people to themselves not to Christ. They pretend that they are showcasing Jesus Christ but the advertisements they do show that they have put themselves in the centre not Jesus. They put themselves in the position of miracle worker. Holy Spirit will never do that in relationship with Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit will only talk about Jesus Christ, not about himself," he stated.

He told the ministers that if they force themselves to where God does not prepare for them, they may fail woefully, adding that there should not be personal ambition in the ministry.

According to him, God will never accept any work that is not perfect, saying that "if you don't do the work accordingly you're doing your own work not God's work.

Pastor Dada while speaking on the topic "What should a Pastor's Wife Be Like?" said there are many common struggles that a Pastor's wife goes through but these might be among the most common and include feeling estranged to her husband as if her husband is married to the church and the activities there, adding that this can create a deep sense of loneliness and feelings of isolation.

He said the struggles of being a Pastor's wife include the following: dealing with unrealistic expectations, struggling with loneliness, overlooked yet looked over, learning to handle criticism, a demanding schedule, confidentiality matters, aloneliness and fighting the spiritual battle among others.

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