"10 things to give up to achieve success" by Evang. Tunji Oyedokun

In order to achieve success in life, there are certain things you need to let go. Here are 10 self destructive behaviours you need to give up to achieve success.

#1. FEAR OF FAILURE: To achieve great success in life, you need to learn not to be afraid of failure. You need to know that failure teaches success and failing doesn't make you a failure but the inability to make use of lessons learned from your failure. All you need to do when you've failed is to make use of the lessons learned to achieve success when next you try. To cash in on the experience gotten.

#2. FEAR OF SUCCESS: To be successful in life, you need not be afraid of how success will come. You need not be afraid of how you'll handle your success also. Believe you merit your success and trust you are capable of handling it. You need to be in control of your success.

#3. NEGATIVE SELF TALK: To achieve success, you need to stop being negative to yourself. You must understand that there is power in what comes out of your mouth. You need to always say positive words into your life. You must always say you were created for success.

#4. DOUBTING YOURSELF: To be successful, you need to stop doubting your capability. You need to know that you are more powerful than you think are and in any situation you find yourself, you need to always believe YOU CAN DO IT.

#5. NEGATIVE THINKING: For success to come, you need to stop thinking negatively. You need to know that negative thinking will only make you see things from a negative perspective. A negative thinker doesn't believe it is possible. Be positive and believe in possibilities.

#6. BLAMING YOURSELF AND OTHERS: For success to come, you need to stop blaming yourself and people around you for your mistakes or failure. You need to be responsible for whatever mistake you make and utilise the experience gotten to achieve success. You must stop blaming other people for mistakes as the lessons will make you a better person.

#7. USING YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES AS AN EXCUSE: To achieve great success, you need to stop placing your circumstances in front of you. You need to make a strong determination that no challenges of life can make you stop going in the direction of your dreams.

#8. PROCRASTINATION: To achieve greatness in life, you need to stop delaying on what you need to do. You need to set goals for yourself and start pursuing them. You need to determine that no challenges will make you delay on your dreams. Leaving your comfort zone will make you not to procrastinate in following your dreams.

#9. PEOPLE PLEASING: If you want to achieve success in life, you needt o care less about what people say about you. You need to know that it is impossible to please everyone. You need to be aware that if you use the energy you waste on pleasing people on yourself, you will become a better person that you are. You must decide to live for yourself.

#10. PAST: Living a successful life, you need to forget about your past and focus on the present and future. You need to know that whatever happened in the past happened because of your ignorance. You need to cash in on the experience gotten from the blunders of the past. You must not let the memories of the past be what stops you from pursuing your dreams but what pushes you forward to achieve enormously in life.
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