We must love one another before we can fix Nigeria, says Deputy Governor of Kwara state at Ilorin Fire Crusade

Deputy Governor of Kwara State, Mr. Kayode Alabi 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Deputy Governor of Kwara State, Mr. Kayode Alabi has stated that Nigerians must love one another in order to fix the country.

Mr. Alabi stated this while speaking at the grand finale of Ilorin Fire Crusade organized by CAC Ilorin DCC headquarters.

The Deputy Governor also said that people of Kwara must love one another for the state to move forward.

He urged all people of Kwara to be praying for the Governor of Kwara state, Abdulfatah Ahmed, himself and their cabinet.

He noted that it was when he got to the position of the Deputy Governor he knows why leaders failed in Nigeria, noting that the system has been designed for leaders to fail.

Mr. Alabi who disclosed that he joined politics in October 2018 said he initially rejected the offer to contest as Deputy Governor, but his mother and wife encouraged him to do so.

He noted that he wept the day he was sweared-in as the Deputy Governor because he never imagined he could get to the post because he was never a politician until October, 2018.

He added that;"It is never too late to get to where God wants to take you to. If He can make me Deputy Governor without expecting it, He can take you to anywhere,."
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