"Flee from Deception" by Evang. Gbenga Aluko


The topic will be considered with five sub-headings viz:

Background to the text
What the spirit of deception does
How to flee from deception


A lot of things had been done in recent time to modernise or beautify the concept(deception), some of them are: “white lies”, business/relationship management/PR which promises what cannot be done, some packages/packaging which adds features/qualities not available in the product/services, arranged miracle(s)/signs and wonders as against those heaven powered and real, officials who launches sub- standard or white Elephant projects, sportsperson who only wins by cheating, double faced Christians with saintly talks and moves specially displayed in church or on altars only. All these are acts of deception/gaining by deception.


According to Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary International Students Edition Eight Edition deception among other definitions means the act of deliberately making somebody believe something that is not true.

Background to the text Matt 2:8

A king was born, the star appeared in distant east land, and wise men saw the star and had pure intention to worship him which made them leave their land to Bethlehem in Judea.
However at that time there was a ruler king Herod although he had his palace in Jerusalem, Bethlehem in Judea is part of his jurisdiction, alarmingly he was disturbed at the news of a BABY KING albeit with a great star, mandate message and power. He craftily feigned his intention to kill as that of worship thank God for God that can’t be deceived may He continue to help us against those with deadly intentions around us in Jesus mighty name.

What the spirit of deception does

• It creates shame and fear                                       Gen 3:1-11
• It brings death                                                        Acts 5:1-10, 2 Chro. 18:21ff
• It attracts God’s hatred                                           Ps: 5:6,101:7
• It births suffering                                                   Gen 27:28ff,29:18 ff,31:7
• It births curses                                                         Joshua 9:22-23,Gen 3:14
• It is the spirit of the devil whose final home has been decided Rev 12:9, 21:8. Don’t be his companion

How to flee from deception

• Don’t associate/dissociate from any discovered deceiver Ps. 1:1,1 Cor.15:33
• Know God sincerely and be determined to stand for him no matter the situation or possible outcome                                                Job 13:15
• Ask God for the grace both to discover and stand for Him. Rom 9:16
• Rebuke and uproot every seed of deception found in you in Jesus mighty name.                        Matt 15:13.
Flee from deception don’t be another Herod.

Remain blessed and rapturable.


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