"The Mystery and Principles of Time" by Evang. Timothy Babalola

TEXT: GEN 1:1-31

Time is a Mysterious being that has been in Existence right from the Inception and Conception of the Creation of Earth. Time is as old as Creation. Time is an ageless entity which was created at the beginning with light. I will love to take us through a Journey. From Genesis to Revelation, there wasn't a place in which the creation of Time was created but through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we will be unveiled of the Mystery of Time.

In the Beginning God Created the Heaven and the Earth (Gen 1:1). The creation concept left us with so many Mysteries untold; I would love us to understand that everything in Existence was created at the Beginning. There is nothing that exists that is new; it was created at the beginning.

At the beginning, everything was made and is of the Lord. "The Earth 🌎is the Lord's and his fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein, for he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the flood" (Psalm 24:1-2).
The above Bible passage made it lucid that everything that exists is of the Lord, it truly Everything was made by Lord, is Time left out?

The Creation begat so many things into existence which is impossible to document everything.
Since the Earth is the Lord's and Everything therein.....  Don't you think Time itself was Created at Creation?

God Exists before Creation, he Created Time at the beginning of Creation and make Man dwell in Time.   I know some people will be Marveled that where was the creation of Time recorded in the Bible, I am joyous to unveil the Mystery of Time to you.

Prior Creation, there was neither any record nor account of Time, until God spoke at the beginning of Creation. Let me take us through a journey in Gen1.
"And God said, let there be light, and there was light" (Gen 1:3).Hear this!!!!  When God commanded the Creation of Light, Time began. Immediately light came into existence, Time began.

When God spoke at Creation, he spoke Time into Existence.
Time was spoken into existence with Time and hence is a product of the spoken word.
Everything God created was created in Time.
Everything God created exists in Time only God exists outside Time

Since creation, Time has been God's instrument for Intervention, Supervision and Visitation.
You don't Measure God with Time because he created Time and his timing is different from that of Man (psalm 90:4).
Man Glory in Time but God Glory Prior, In and outside Time (John17:5).

Jesus worked in accordance with the principles of Time while he was on Earth.Let me draw our attention to the repetition;
 "And the Evening and the Morning were created"..... In (Gen 1:5, 8,13,19,23 and 31). It wasn't a coincidence, what it meant is that God created the world with Time; he worked with Time in creating the world.
You would notice that when it was Time to rest there was no Mention of Time . It simply means God Exists out of Time.
 Calling him the Ancient of days is an Abuse because he had been in Existence before the Existence of Time (John17:5).
Ancient has a beginning but God Exists before the Beginning and created the Beginning.

God Exists before creation created Creations and made Time run through Creation.

It is undoubtedly a raw fact that the Lord has unveiled us of the Mystery of Time.
It was possible for God to create the Heaven and Earth in a day but he didn't do that, why simply because he needs us to work with the principles of Time.

The Principles of Time (Ecc 3:1, John 2:4). If Everything Created were created in Time , it means your Operations and Functionality depends on Time. The Creation of Earth was a function of Time and made to Operate, Rotate and Revolve in Time.

The Functionality and Operations of Heaven doesn't depend on Time because it is the dwelling place of God.If Jesus could obey the Principles of time while on Earth, why shouldn't we

" To Everything there is a season and a Time to Every Purpose under the Heaven (Ecc 3:1). Looking insightful into the above Bible verse, it is to be noted that it is under the Heaven and not in Heaven.

Heaven doesn't Operate in Time, Earth does. Everyone that dwells under the Heaven is subjected to Time 🕒.
During Jesus Earthly Ministry, he understood that everyone under the Heaven is Subjected to Time 🕒, hence he waited for his Time.
"..... Mine hour is not yet come" (John 2:4)
When you launch out before your Time, you will crash out
When you appear before your set Time , you will disappear at your rising up

If our Lord Jesus Christ could Obey the Principles of Time , shouldn't we????
No wonder we have a lot of people crashing out of Glory, it is as a result of them launching out before their Time.

Classification of Time

- Waiting Time

- Preparation      Time

- Appointed Time

- Set Time.

If you launch out unprepared, u will come down shattered.

Preparation is a key factor to be considered, so make sure you are prepared before the arrival of your set Time.

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For you to Last long in Time, Wait for your Time before you Launch Out

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