It is God that called Prophet Hezekiah to be General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, I will support him - Pastor Odejobi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The recently held Lagos Citywide Power Crusade organized by Christ Apostolic Church, Akinyele Region would go down in history as a defeat to the devil and a beginning of new dawn in CAC Worldwide, particularly in the evangelical arm of the church.

This is because the appointment of Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji as the fifth General Evangelist of the Church received another boost with public declaration of one of the renowned Prophets and Evangelists of the mission, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi to grant him total support.

As against the expectation of some, Pastor Odejobi said at the Lagos Citywide Power Crusade when he was called by Prophet Hezekiah to minister that both of them will work together for the success of the evangelical arm of the Church.

In his exact words: "I thank Prophet Hezekiah for giving me this grace to speak the mind of God for perfection of a good purpose. New things will happen in CAC with the rise of Prophet Hezekiah and support of our fathers in the Lord. And I believe God that Prophet Hezekiah is far from the person who can disappoint God. It is God that called him to be the General Evangelist of CAC if not I would have left CAC. I have searched and discovered He was chosen by God to be the General Evangelist. Nobody can get to the top except God takes him or her there. God has elevated Prophet Hezekiah and it is not for him to fall. God of Prophet Hezekiah under Pastor Akinosun and Pastor Oladele will bring back every lost virtue of CAC."

"I will join hands with him for the perfection of his mission in CAC. Without sentiment and without a mind of deceit, I openly declare this very notable midnight, if God can order him to call me and he bowed to the voice of God to order me to minister to His people, it is a sign that I must play my role for his success as the General Evangelist of the church. This assignment God has called him to will be successful with joint hands. With full support, I stand to declare that we are to work together."


  1. Can we have a YouTube Chanel where we can watch live SOE of this message or do we have already?

    1. Yes. Please check Prophet Hezekiah on YouTube. I was there live and it was shown live on his YouTube page.

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