"Make your marriage a banquet hall, not a boxing ring" - Olatunji

Mr. Sola Olatunji

By Olushola Adeola

Couples have been urged to make their marriage a banquet hall not a boxing ring and be ready to make their marriage work because there is no perfect marriage.

A marriage counsellor, Mr. Sola Olatunji made this known on Tuesday October 1, 2019 while delivering a lecture on the topic “Marriage of my Dream” at the Interdenominational Youth Gathering programme organized by Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Isegun Aguda District Headquarters, Lagos.

He advised youngsters and married people that they should make their marriage a banquet hall and not a boxing ring and to also work towards being ideal parents.

He urged young couples to set for new challenges and commitments, be prepared for necessary adjustment in marriage and be ready to make your marriage work because there is no perfect marriage.

He explained the place of the right foundation in having the marriage of your dream. He said: "the foundation in any house is the strength of the house, if the foundation in any marriage is not right then every attempt at making a success of that marriage will only end as a daydream. Adequate preparation also determines the destiny of every marriage. Many youths that are about to enter marriage prepare for their photoshoots and wedding more than their marriage. Read books, attend seminars and training on marriage. These will help you acquire more knowledge on marriage."

He said marriage is for matured male and female and it should not be between two people of the same gender.

According to him, marital success is not by luck as many people believe and marital bliss is not hereditary, adding that the fact that your parents' marriage failed does not mean your marriage will also fail.

Highlighting the various ways to have the marriage of your dream, he said “it begins with you. You must be matured — avoid being a baby husband/wife. To have the marriage of your dream, you must have the right purpose, value, and vision. Ask yourself why you want to get married. Until you can answer this question honestly don't consider marriage”.

Mr. Olatunji further explained that to have the marriage of your dream, you must involve your Shepherd (Psalm 23:1-6).

“You must be a child of God before he can be involved in your marriage.  You must live your life for God as this gives you access into a lifetime of blissful and joyous home. It is impossible to get to the greener pasture in marriage if the Shepherd is rejected. You can't ignore your Shepherd and get to the still waters in your home."

The following are pictures captured during the course of the programme;


  1. This exposition on making marriage work is very inspiring and thought provoking. A good read for everyone.

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