God's expectation is that the Church should be light and salt to the world- Pastor Oladele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

"I am not against churches being planted everywhere because we need the churches. If people don't complain about many brothels, drinking bars and disco joints of this world, which are also on the increase, why complain about the church?  If only the church would live up to the expectation of God it would be great. The expectation of God for the church is that it should be the light and salt of the earth and you don't have to be many. The salt doesn't need to be like any other thing to stop corruption," says the General Superintendent, Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele.

Pastor Oladele noted this recently in an interview with Christ Apostolic Magazine.

He explained that; "a light doesn't need to be any other thing to shine. Just be a light and the salt. If few of us that are calling on the name of the Lord out of the population of the whole world can be light and salt indeed, we may not be able to do some things, but we will use our influence. When corruption is spreading, by the time it gets to salt it will stop. A Christian may not be able to influence society sometimes, but when corruption gets to him or her, it stops there."

"There are two spirits; the spirit of God and the one working in the heart of the people of the world. There is always this battle between God and Satan. If not for the church, the world or this country would have been worse than it is today.We still have to thank God for the church. The reason why this country is still liveable is because of the Christians who are the light and the salt. There is difference between Christianity and religiosity. I know that most of what we have in our country today is nothing but revival of religiosity. It has been noted by observers very keenly that Christianity in Nigeria is mile wide and inch deep. What we need is not religiosity, but Christianity."

"Christianity brings about a radical change. It is not about just going to church or Prayer Mountain, but to be like Christ anywhere you are. I thank God for those who still hold on to the Christian faith and it is because of those ones we have a country called Nigeria. If only we can be Christians indeed, not mere religious, we are going to have a better country."

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