@40: My life is a perfect explanation of grace- Prophet Igbalajobi

Prophet Timothy O. Igbalajobi

The Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Palace of Light and Salvation, Lagos, Prophet Timothy O. Igbalajobi on Thursday September 10, 2019 marked his 40th birthday in  grand style. In this interview with Olushola Adeola, Prophet Igbalajobi speaks on life at 40.

How do you feel to be 40?

I feel wonderful, it's a new feeling entirely, a new responsibility and a new challenge.

What does 40 mean to you

40 means a lot. The Bible says that when I was a child I behaved like a child, but now I am a full grown man and I have to behave like a man. So I have to learn the techniques of being an elderly man, I have to learn how to give elderly advice when people come to me for one. Age 40 is full of responsibilities and accepting them when necessary.

Which day is your most memorable day since you were born?

My most memorable day  for now is the day I graduated from the University of Ado-Ekiti with no family member present. That day I had no money, to collect convocation gown from the school, I had to beg a friend who was equally graduating to lend me his gown because I was the overall best student that year. I had first class in Accounting. The devil really dealt with me then, to collect a gown with N750 was so difficult for me. But I was very happy that day because I did what no one had ever done in my family then, that is, becoming a BSc holder. It was indeed a memorable day.

Who are the people that have contributed immensely to your life and ministry?

By the grace of God I will first of all acknowledge my mother, Mrs. Folakemi Igbalajobi. She is a very wonderful mother and a prayer warrior. If I would be coming back to this world it has to be through her again (laughs). My elder siblings also, I am the last born of the family. They have been really supportive to me. I started my ministarial journey from Peace of God Ministry (PGM) which was founded by my sister, Lady evangelist Mary Ajisafe, she is now an archbishop. She was the one that helped me discover God's calling on my life. And also my Prophet Olanrewaju Ayegbokiki, he is late now but he was a very wonderful brother to me. He was the one that chased me into seminary. Not forgetting Pastor Gabriel Adeniyi, he has also contributed to the level I am now in the office of a prophet. And also Pastor Tope Dada, the Music Director of CAC, Worldwide, and my father Pastor M.D Aremu. All of them have been wonderful and I appreciate them very much.

How can you describe your life sir?

(Sighs) My life is a perfect example to explain grace, God's grace. There was a time I was character bankrupt. I could not even be offered as a sacrifice to people, they would not accept me. I was so bad in every area. I was such a child that when people were in a house and they saw me coming they would start packing all their belongings to a safe place so that I would not make away with them. Coming this far my life has become a message that makes people fall on their knees and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. God's grace found me.

What do you wish yourself?

I wish myself long life and prosperity, more power to do the work of God, more unction to function in this position God has placed me, and the grace to be what God wants me to be and not someone else.
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