CAC Worldwide Staff Welfare Savings Scheme holds award ceremony for retd. Pastors Akinsulure, Odunaya, Malomo

Leadership of the church with the celebrants

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Staff Welfare Savings Scheme of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, on Wednesday September 11, 2019 held an award presentation ceremony for three retired Generals of the church, Pastor Samson O. Akinsulure, Pastor Ademola O. Odunaya and Pastor Moses O. Malomo. The service was held at the Missionary Headquarters of the church, Oba Akinyele Secretariat, Ibadan.

Pastor Odunaya was the Chairman, Board of Directors, CAC Staff Welfare Scheme from 2009-2018. During his tenure, a 75-room hotel was built and many other projects initiated before he retired in December 2018. Pastor Akinsulure, apart from being the former and pioneer Regional Superintendent of CAC Odubanjo Region, was a member of the Staff Welfare Savings Scheme. Pastor Malomo, on the other hand apart from being the External Auditor of CAC Worldwide since 2009, was a member of the Staff Welfare Saving Scheme till 30th June, 2019.

The ceremony had in attendance  the Authority of CAC Worldwide led by the President, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun, General Superintendent, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele, General Secretary, Pastor Ezekiel E. Mapur and Finance Director, Pastor Johnson F. Omitinde. Regional Superintendents in attendance included Pastor Moses O. Yusuff of Akinyele Region, Pastor M.O. Oyepetun of Babalola Region, Pastor M.A Ogundeji of Babajide Region and Pastor D.I.O. Edoh of Odubanjo Region. The programme was also attended by notable DCC and Zonal Superintendents of the Church.

While preaching on the topic "Faithful Servant of God," the Regional Superintendent of Babajide Region, Pastor Ogundeji urged everyone to be faithful to God, leaders of the church, families, friends etc.

He noted that Pastor Akinsulure, Pastor Odunaya and Pastor Malomo have been faithful to God and the Authority of the Church and that is why they were being rewarded and celebrated.

He further stated they were also being celebrated because they diligently served God without mismanagement of funds.

According to him, the three Generals have laid a good foundation for others coming after them to build on.

Pastor Ogundeji said "we are all called to serve God and be obedient to Him", noting that everybody who served will be called either to be praised or blamed.

The award ceremony ended with photographs session. Authority of the Church, families and friends, members of Staff Welfare Savings Scheme Committee and DCC and Zonal Superintendents present took pictures with the celebrants.

Photo speaks !

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