"The Father's Heart" by Evang. Gbenga Aluko

Evang. Gbenga Aluko

TEXT: LUKE 15:1-24

The topic shall be discussed with the following sub-heading:
• Introduction
• Meaning
• Foreword
• The analysis of lost sheep, coin and son
• The Father
• Conclusion

The intention of this chapter of scripture (majorly a parable)is Jesus’s reaction meant to correct the hypocrisy/wickedness in the name of keeping the law by the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, this negative attitude is evident by their disposition towards Jesus (who was busy fulfilling mandate) in the first two verses Acts 15:1-2, however it needs to be reiterated that they did not believe in Jesus (the fulfilment of the law they thought/professed they were keeping Matt 5:17-20)hence should not have been bothered by who He associates with but were on a fault finding spree, they should have been more cautious as Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost and that he did. Luke 19:10.

Father: according to oxford advance learner’s dictionary international student’s edition 8th edition defines father as follows:
• To create something new
• A male parent
• The title of a priest especially in Roman catholic
• A term used by Christians to refer to God-for this study this is more in line.

Who is involved in a wrong thing, the number of people doing same the tenure with which this has been done cannot make it right.

God (our father in heaven) will never impose good/right on us even though we were created, sustained catered for by Him. Joshua 24:15, Rev. 3:20.

The analysis of the lost sheep, coin and son

Their situation: they were all lost.

Their contribution: the coin is not likely to have contributed to its loss. The sheep can contribute a little rather than being totally responsible for its loss, while the son in the passage is solely responsible for his loss).

Their reaction: The coin could not do anything about the situation, the sheep also could not do much except maybe just bleat, and the son came to his mind and retraced his step. (While looking/praying in humility unto God for solution we need to take responsibility for our predicament)

The father’s heart
• He answered his request even when it was wrong: asking for a portion of inheritance while the father is still living is wrong but he consented to know what is in the son’s heart, to give the son a chance for reorientation/reshaping, repentance and reconciliation.  Vs.12.

• He was expecting the son’s return even while he was wallowing in disobedience, hence he ran to meet him on the shortest information Vs. 20.

• He forgave the son sincerely and totally. Vs. 21-22.

• He welcomed him in love and celebrated him. Vs. 22-24.

Whether we were/are lost in any form like the sheep/coin or son, The father’s arm which is the solution is widely opened and is waiting for our return from disobedience,immorality ,oppression of the devil, idolatry, fetish practices, wickedness, addictions and all forms of sin. Jesus in knocking, calling and waiting for our return to succour. Rev 3:20.This is the state of the father’s heart,
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