Your impact in life depends on faithfulness to your ministry, Pastor Oladokun tells Ministers

By 'Gbenga Bankole

"Ministry is not built to promote a personality. This is one thing that is really of great concern out there. People tend to do their ministry to elevate themselves and neglect the caller(God). It is very important we realize that God does things through people. God often gives His greatest gifts to the weakest people. Why? So that we lay humble before the Him. And that we trust Him and we don’t think that it all depends on us," the DCC Superintendent, Christ Apostolic Church, Itire District Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun, has said.

Pastor Oladokun noted this while ministering on the topic "Ministry Empowerment" recently at CAC Theological Seminary, Lagos Campus.

He noted that no one enjoy God's blessing outside his or her ministry, saying that you cannot succeed outside God’s ministry for you.

He added that"Your impact in life depends on faithfulness to your ministry. Locating your ministry is the key to your location. Your success, promotion and prosperity is in your ministry. Your impact in life depends on faithfulness to your ministry."

Pastor Oladaokun noted that
every ministry and Christian must discover their individual God-given ministry and use it to bring growth and multiplication to the local church.

To have an effective ministry, according to him, you must grow, be in touch with Heaven, listen and obey, read and learn, network, set goal and plan, be a strategic thinker and risk taker, be hardworking, train along your vision and build on the word of God.

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