The Eternal Book by Evang. Ayomide

Text: Revelation 20: 11-15


One outstanding need that divine midwives must satisfy is to have their names written in the Book of Life. This is the most important book in the universe. Given modern trends and need for details, most institutions have various books in which record are kept has a staff register while clubs have membership registers. Most countries of the world have issued out social security numbers or national identity number in which certain details of their citizen are held. Apart from these, there are organisations that document great achievements within a section of the world or across the whole world. Some of such documentations are referred to as book of records many people striven for their name to enter a particular book of records, and when this is done they appear fulfilled as they have nothing else to strive for.

Of all books of records, there is one that is most outstanding. It is about human beings but it is not on earth. It documents the names and certain details about everyone who is saved and washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Since it is not accessible on earth, it cannot be influenced or manipulated. Human beings record only the information that is accessible to them such as the number of birth, deaths, marriages, etc. but in the case of the Book of Life, no record escapes the angels in charge of this book. For now, this book may appear not so important to many, but according to today’s reading, after death and on the day of the Great White Throne Judgment, the book will be very relevant. If your name is in all the important books and hall of fame on earth, by the time you die, those books will no longer be relevant. Your fate will be decided by the presence or absence of your name in the Book of Life. So if there is one book your name should be written in, it is the Lamb’s Book of Life. How? By confessing your sins, asking forgiveness and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

Conclusion: If you are alive, you must do everything possible for your name to enter the Book of Life, if not you will after death, you will be sent into hell. Shalom.

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