Salvation From Sin by Evangelist Afolabi Ayomide

Text: John 1:11-12

A common mistake made by many, is to blame others for their misfortune in life. Some blame the devil, their father-in-law or mother-in-law, etc, but do you know that you can be your own worst enemy? Way back in Genesis, everything was in order until Adam and Eve sinned. When God visited and began to ask questions, they laid a bad precedent, which many still follow today – blaming somebody else for their wrong-doing. Sin scatters: it disorganises God’s great plan for a person and plunges the fellow into a life out of order. Romans 6:23 says:
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Although God created man to live forever, he began to die because of sin. So if you can take away sin from your life, you would have won the greatest victory because all other battles are secondary.

Jesus is called Saviour because of your sin. No man can deal with the problem of sin except through the power of the blood of Jesus. That is why there is no true salvation without Jesus. Sin is so strong that it can stop your prayers from being heard (Isaiah 59:1-2). Are you saved? Have you been washed in the blood of the Lamb of God?
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21

No matter how enslaved you are to that sinful habit, there is deliverance for you. 1 John 1:7 says as powerful as sin is, the blood of Jesus is much more empowered to wash away all sins. Until a man is born again, his life, though precious before God, is not better than a dog’s and God says He cannot give the children’s bread to dogs (Philippians 3:2, Revelation 22:15, Matthew 15:26). But when the sinner is saved, then he becomes a son according to John 1:11-12. Are you seen as a dog or a son? As long as you take pleasure in taking your alcoholic drinks, smoking, engaging in sexual sins, stealing, lying and defrauding others, you are seen as a dog, but God loves you so much, He wants to turn you into a son. Go to Him now with a heart of repentance, truly sorry for your sinful lifestyle.

Conclusion: Confess your sins to Him and ask for forgiveness, promising not to return to your evil deeds. Then, invite Jesus into your heart asking Him to come and live His life through you.

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