INTERVIEW: My mission of writing is to address social ills in our society – Lady Evang. Ogunbayeje

Mrs. Esther Ogunbayeje originally studied Business Administration and Management.  After her Youth service with Shell Petroleum Development, she grew to the position of a school Principal. However, all that changed when she became a servant in God’s vineyard. From where her path to the ministerial work unfolded gradually while in Nigeria. She started writing Christian books and ministered in the local church.

 Several years ago, she relocated to the UK. Now, she has completely become a Christian book author. Her aim of writing Christian books is not financially-based. Rather she wants to impact positively on the people as well as addressing some social vices, injustice and oppression in Nigeria. She is the wife of the Associate Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Surrey Docks District, Leyton Branch, London, Pastor Gabriel Ogunbayeje.

In this interview with Daily Sun recently, Evang. Ogunbayeje hopes to change the Nigerian society into a better place where the fear of God will rule in the heart of the people.

Why did you choose to write Christian books at this point and not secular books, like any other person?

I did not choose what I wanted but God called me to do this work. One of the areas of my calling is writing Christian books. God inspires me to write by expanding His words in my heart. I write based on the inspiration I receive from God.

What often comes to people’s mind when they hear that I write is the monetary aspect or the profit that they think I make from publishing books. But in actual fact, I invest in getting my books published because that is what God has called me to do and I have no regret in doing this. My joy is getting people to read the books and being blessed, their testimonies make me glad and encourage me to do more. Though people buy secular books or  material things that are in vogue than they buy Christian books, but since I am not in the ministry for money making but to fulfill my God- given vision before the time He calls me home, I am happy and ready to do more as long as I live.

My sole aim is to expand the kingdom of God and build His people to remain steadfast in Him, though these are not without challenges yet I am happy seeing people blessed through what God has called me to do.

All manner of crimes, including rape and murder are perpetrated today, what do you make of this trend?

It is sad that some churches today are not really shining the light of Jesus Christ as they are meant to do. The only thing that can be done is to continue preaching, praying, teaching and living according to the word of God. As God gives me the grace, it is my desire and vision to teach only the true word of God and make a difference in my own little way.

As a Christian author, where do you draw the line between religion and spirituality?

I believe that Christian life is a practical life. It is a relationship with God. Christianity is not a religion, and so if it is viewed this way, it will impact our daily lives and influence others to live for God rather than seeing it as dogmatic religion that is followed blindly.

In publishing, the pitfalls are many, ranging from poor sales of books and negative criticisms. What is your reaction, and how do you intend to handle it?

 Since I am not into publishing for money making, but as a means of touching lives and impacting lives positively, I do not see it as a big deal. Although, it would be of great joy if my books become bestsellers that means I can touch many lives.  In the alternative, my ultimate joy is not in numbers only but the fruits that those who read the books produce.  More so, the Bible says, “there is joy in heaven over a sinner that repents.” Luke 15:7. If there is joy over just one sinner in heaven, then there will be much joy over two or more sinners that come to Christ. Therefore, I want heaven to rejoice over as many souls that are touched by any or all of the books that God inspires me to write.

As to criticisms, it is not possible not to be criticised. Even Jesus, during his ministry was not accepted by everybody. Despite this, he did not stop doing what God sent him to do. He instead went about doing good Acts 10:38.  My prayer is that I will continue in His will and constantly do what He wants me to do, and in as much as I am in His will, I am fine.

What do you generally hope to achieve in society with this book?

It is my hope that sinners will turn to Christ so that they will bear fruits as well as enjoy the grace of God till the end of their lives. It is my hope to see Christians stand firm on the love of God, not giving up but faithfully fulfilling their purpose on earth and reigning with Christ afterwards. It is my hope that the society turns better and people do what is right, that there is no looting of public funds. There is no rape or abuse of the vulnerable. There is more no killing or kidnapping and no oppression or injustice etc. It is my prayer that the society will turn better and the fear of God will rule the heart of all people.

You are live abroad. Is your thought process in writing this book not affected by foreign influences given the fact that you have been there for long?

I will not say yes because God’s word is still the same irrespective of one’s place of residence, change in culture or language. Every culture has its opportunities and challenges for individuals but God’s word does not change. Working with children and the youth in the United Kingdom is quite different because of the cultural setting and the legislative differences however culture and law are no barriers to God. They cannot stop His word. The system and culture may be different but God’s word is unchangeable.

Coming to the United Kingdom, I believe is part of God’s plan for me to carry on with His work, but in a different environment. And just as the disciples took the Gospel wherever they went, abiding by the law of the land, I preach the gospel as God gives me the opportunity especially through the publication of books and magazines and through evangelism- individually and collectively with my church.

Being here has its good side as well as the downside but what I believe is that we can be useful for God irrespective of any factor we may be considering. Factors such as age, law and location

Today, money definitely rules the churches. Is there anywhere your book has addressed this ugly trend?

Yes.  In “Beware of Delilah” one of chapter there speaks on greed. It condemns greed, love for money and its acquisition in an ungodly ways. It is my desire as God inspires me to teach and write on the right way to acquire,  to maintain, to spend and to increase wealth.

How did you find your bearing in writing, given the fact that your original career background was in oil and gas?

I studied Business Administration and Management and did my Youth service with Shell Petroleum Development. I then worked as a Principal of a school before God called me into the ministry. However, the path to the ministerial work unfolded gradually, so writing is not a spontaneous decision and because it is part of my calling, God gives me the enablement to write on whatever message He wants me to write on for a particular time.

What books are you reading currently?

I mainly read the Bible and get my inspiration from it.  I also read on general topics ranging from children to church administration and different languages depending on my schedule.

From the books you have written and interface with people, what has life taught you?

I have gained from life and people whom I have come across. Some of these experiences and lessons I have put down in a book called “Life is a Teacher”. It is about some of my experiences and lessons of life over some decades.

I have written about what I gained from some of my experiences of life, yet I am still learning more because we will always have one or more things to learn as we alive, the summary of what I have learnt about circumstances of life is never to give up no matter how tough or rough things may be because God is always faithful. And that will still be my word of encouragement to my readers.

Where do you draw your inspiration to write from?

My inspiration comes from God, mainly as I daily read the Bible or meditate upon it. God also uses different means to speak to me and whenever He gives me a message, the inspiration is always intense that I only have peace until I have written it down the way He wants it.

What does fulfillment mean to you?

To me fulfillment is doing what God wants me to do in life; fulfilling the purpose of my creation, which is to impact my generation positively through God’s word and prayer, teaching, writing, organising seminars,  publication of books and Christian magazines.
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