His resurrection our gain by Evang. Gbenga Aluko

Evang. Gbenga Aluko

Text: John 20:1-16

This will discussed with this map:
• Jesus didn’t deserve to die
• What does resurrection mean
• Few among what His resurrection did for us

Jesus didn’t deserve to die in the first place, He died to serve and save:

- Pilate didn't find Him guilty Luke 23:4

- Herod didn't find Him guilty Luke 23:15.

- Even the thief of the cross Luke 23:41c

-If the Lamb in the OT was without blemish Ex 12:5 the lamb in the NT must be without sin Heb 9:28, 1pt 1:18 and 19.only Jesus fits that description.

Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world
Hallelujah He is risen celebrate the risen king.

What does resurrection mean?
Resurrection is the concept of coming to life after death. It is now alien in the bible as a number of people resurrection in the bible era these are at least recorded on ten occasions although involves more than ten people:

1. Jesus Christ Matt.28.
2. Lazarus John 11
3. The shunamite’s son 2 king 4
4. Son of the Zarephat’s widow. 1 Kings 17
5. Man whose dead bones encountered that of Elisha 2 kings 13
6. Son of the Widow of Nain Luke 7.
7. Jairus daughter Luke 8
8. Several people who came out of their tombs at Jesus death and resurrection Matt 27.
9. Dorcas by Peter Acts 9
10. Eutichus by Paul Acts 20 

Having said all this it is however pertinent to state that Jesus’ resurrection can’t be compared to any other owing to these among several other reason:

His resurrection did not have any Human aid/help/input. Matt 28:1 ff.

His resurrection was foretold by: himself John 2:19, by others Ps 16:10

His resurrection provided the only resurrected that did not and will never die again Rev 1:18
His death and resurrection was accompanied with great sign. Matt 27: 51 ff : vein of the temple rent in twain, earth quake ,rocks rent ,graves opened  and many bodies of saints which slept arose.(even the centurion which was watching Jesus confessed that He was truly  a son of God. Vs 54)

Few among the many things His resurrection did for us:

He paid for our sin: We have all sinned Rom 3:23, the wages of sin is death Rom 6:23 he became a propitiation for our sin.1 John 2:4, 4:10

He fulfilled the scriptures. Is 53:8

He taught us to trust God to the end by doing same Himself: Matt 27:46

He overcame death, hell and grave for us. Rev 1:18, 1 Chr 15:55-57

He gave us access to God. Matt 27:51, Heb 10:19-20


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