RAW FAITH! Daniel Orekoya: Signs and sighs

For 3 months, Okebola in Ibadan witnessed what the whole Nigeria is missing today.

It was in 1930 the year of the great revival that shook the whole of West Africa.

Daniel Orekoya family background is a mystery that you may be lost unravelling. Because his background was not all that in the public domain to browse like his mentor (Babalola).

How Orekoya met Apostle Ayo Babalola is far deeper to explained than how God used the two great men.

In 3months of Orekoya ministry, he brought more dead people back to life than Babalola 29yrs.

He is the only person who has the praying ability like Babalola.

Like his mentor and Father, when he spoke, his voice could be heard from miles away.

There are times that he also disappeared and was found in another location like his mentor.

He only know one verse in the bible because he was never educated, Jeremiah 17:14, which reads,  "Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise." He knew no other doctrine or Bible passages*
 outside this.

One thing many people who met him said that have not been denied or collaborated by others was he hardly spoke in tongues but when he did, there was lightening or thunder spark.

He will conduct crusade upon crusades, he would go many days without eating, he would pray for many days without stopping. People from 100's of kilometre will hear him shouting come to Jesus and be save, healed and delivered.

It was  recorded that witches and wizard would either surrender or live Okebola for another city.

This may surprise you, like Peter, his shadow also healed the sick.

He had nothing outside Jesus, no wife, no children, and no friend( perhaps his weakness). I won't want to discuss this part of his life.

If Orekoya was to travel from Lagos to Ibadan, he will preach and conduct healing service at every junction reached till he got to his destination.

He was so anointed that wherever he sleeps, the host of God will be sighted there.

All of these was done in just 3months(90days) and his ministry came to an end.

History had it that he was less than 30yrs, though there was no document to back this, born to die, bound to reign. Though short-lived, yet his ministry impacts still lingers.

Are you a young Christian or Pastor? Daniel Orekoya was a man like you, he has strengths and weakness but he did all without noise and buzz.

What will the generation to come say about you and I?

Culled from:

Prophetic A.T Joel's Facebook page

A. T. Joel

Edited &Emphasized:
Pst. E. O. Olowookere


  1. There are several errors in this report on Orekoya. Read Born to Die, Bound to Reign: The story of Daniel Orekoya by Moses Oludele Idowu

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