CAC Pastors' Conference League of Interpreters provide yoruba nomenclature for Region, Regional Superintendent, DCC, others

An interpreter interpreting for CAC President, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun during last year Pastors' Conference in Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun state.

By 'Gbenga Bankole

In a bid to enhance the ministry of interpreters in the mission, Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Pastors' Conference League of Interpreters have provided Yoruba nomenclature for Region, Regional Superintendent, DCC and others.

CAC Pastors Conference interpreters are majorly drawn from the Pastors choir in which the DCC Superintendent of CAC Yaba DCC, Pastor S.E.A. Oludare is the Choir Master for Akinyele region, while Pastor Tope Dada is the Music Director, CAC Worldwide.

In a statement signed by Pastor Oludare, the league of interpreters resolved to the following:

 *Centre=Agbegbe Kekere

*Zone=Ekun Kekere

*DCC=Ekun Nla

*Regional=Olu Awon Ekun=OLU EKUN

*General Headquarters=Olu Ile Ise

*Assembly Pastor=Olusoagutan Ijo

*District Superintendent=Olusoagutan to n boju to Agbegbe=ALABOJUTO AGBEGBE

*Zonal Superintendent=Olusoagutan to n bojuto Ekun Kekere=ALABOJUTO EKUN KEKERE

*DCC Superintendent=Olusoagutan Ekun Nla=ALABOJUTO EKUN NLA

*Regional Superintendent=Alabojuto awon apapo Ekun Kekere ati Nla=ALABOJUTO OLU EKUN

*General Superintendent=Olusoagutan fun gbogbo awon Olusoagutan ti Ijo,Agbegbe Kekere,Agbegbe Nla,Ekun Kekere,Ekun Nla ati Awon Olu Ekun=ALABOJUTO GBOGBOGBO...

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