Pastor Gbuyiro urges ministers to go back to old path, says ministry cannot be done in nobody's way

Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro has urged ministers of God to go back to the old path trod by fathers of faith.

He noted that the ministry can never be done in any minister's way, saying that nobody can serve God without following His order.

Pastor Gbuyiro stated this on Saturday February 9, 2019 while ministering on the topic "The Ark of God in a New Cart" at the "Ministers' Seminar" organized by CAC Chapel of Grace, Ibadan Oyo State.

The Youth Officer who said the Ark of God represents the presence of God, noted that there are ministers of God who have many followers and big congregations these days, but lack God's presence.

He said those ministers are like King Saul who never had the Ark of God throughout his reign as the King of Israel, saying that  ministry is carrying the Ark of God which represents God's presence.

The Cleric noted that the Israelite made the mistake of putting the Ark of God on a new cart instead of it being carried by the Levites, explaining that the presence of God had departed from some ministers on the day they decided to run the race in their own way.

According to him, Uzzah touched the ark because the ark was carried by a cart (which is wrong), saying that there are many Uzzah on the pulpit this day and some of them are invited as fundraisers by churches.

"If God will come to us and do wondrous things, we have to wakk in the old path where Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and other fathers of faith walked. What Apostle Peter was proud of which is the presence of God is what so many ministers are lacking in this generation. They are only after silver and gold," he stated.
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