INTERVIEW: My fulfillment in life is a daily experience- Pastor Gbuyiro

Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Samson Olawale Gbuyiro belongs to a generation of Pastor in CAC who are making positive impacts, not only on the pulpit, but fulfilling the purpose of God through selfless service to mankind. Pastor Gbuyiro who was born on this day in 1974, speaks with ‘Gbenga Bankole on how the journey started till date. EXCERPT !

Kindly tell where you were born

I was on February 11, 1974 in a place called Egbe-Oba in Ikunri, Ikole Local Government, Ekiti State to the family of Chief and Mrs. Gbuyiro.

When were you ordained as a Pastor?

I was ordained a Pastor in Christ Apostolic Church in the year 1999.

Since 1999 till date, how has the journey been?

To God be the glory, the journey has been so interesting, challenging, but the joy of it is that I am not in the journey alone. The One who specializes in how to manage challenges has always been with me. I feel no regret or disappointment because Jesus has been with me in the boat of my life. According to His word, he has always turned my ashes to beauty, my mourning to joy and my sorrow to dancing.

How do you feel marking your birthday today?

The only feeling I have is the feeling of gratitude to the Almighty God because I see it as a special grace to have seen another year on earth. I don’t count myself worthy of receiving this. It is not a right, but a privilege to enjoy more of God’s goodness and to see the display of His faithfulness in my life. I have no material of physical attachment to make this day special than what the Lord has done in me and for me. So I am really grateful to God for being with me all this while.

Looking back sir, would you say you are fulfilled by what God has done for you and what He has been using you for, particularly in this generation?

By the special grace of God, I am highly fulfilled in the sense that I am not in a struggle of creating a purpose for myself, but I have discovered His purpose for my life, and having been living in that purpose, my fulfillment is a daily experience. And I am enjoying divine provision for the fulfillment of His purpose for my life. I have never been stranded. I was telling somebody some hours ago that God said “I know the thought I have towards you” and He said it is of good. I said to that person that the best of man cannot match up with the good of God.

You said your fulfillment is a daily experience, what is the contribution of your parents and wife to the fulfillment of God’s purpose in your life?

I am grateful to God on behalf of my parents who have done the greatest job that any parent could do to their child and that is to allow God to use them to bring me to this world. This is because I would not have querried them if they aborted me in pregnancy, but I am grateful to them for allowing God to use them to bring me to this world. I appreciate them for the moral and spiritual upbringing they have given me which has formed a good lifestyle for me. I really appreciate them, more importantly their prayer support. I enjoyed the prayers of my parents especially my mother. She had been so wonderful. She is a mother indeed who carried all her children on her prayer shoulder to God’s presence. All of us can see the result of her prayers on a daily basis of having a praying mother.

I also want to salute my wife and my children for giving me a peaceful home which is the foundation of a fulfilled ministry. I am always happy to be in their midst because my marriage is not a burden, but a blessing to me. I am enjoying it everyday. I have a very enjoyable, cheerful and supportive wife, and also wonderful children, which apart from God,  are sources of my inspiration.

Who are those that have contributed immensely to your ministerial career?

I want to thank and appreciate to God on behalf of these great generals who have contributed immensely to my ministerial fulfillment. To mention but few, I must appreciate my father in the Lord, Pastor Omolayo who happened to be the one who did water baptism for me when I gave my life to Christ. Not that alone, he was so committed to my spiritual growth even to the point of discovering the purpose of God for my life. Throughout my life I have been so fortunate to find myself in the hands of spiritual godly parents. One of them is Prophet M.O. Olowere. He had been a fatherly friend to me. Some people never believed that I got to meet Baba Olowere in the ministry. They thought he contributed to my physical upbringing because of the wonderful and unique role God used him for in my life. I must also appreciate the DCC Superintendent of CAC Ayetoro DCC, Oshogbo, Pastor Famuyide. Also, I must appreciate the DCC Superintendent of CAC Amuwo Odofin DCC, Pastor Joe Jacobs and so many of them. I am grateful to God for their lives.

Since you have been ordained as a Pastor in the year 1999, what has been the greatest task that God has given you?

I don’t see any of the tasks from God being small because I don’t expect something small from a great God. It depends on how we handle it and how we see it. I see all of God’s assignments as great assignment. But the one I considered not too great for God to handle, but considering my own capacity to carry it is the responsibility given to me as the Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide. I consider it to be a great task that I never wished to take. But despite the load of the job, I can also see God’s faithfulness. Since we started the journey, God has made Himself available that anytime I got to the crossroads, He is always showing me the way forward. Humanly speaking, I never consider myself fit or ready for such a great assignment.

I want you to tell us the day you can never forget in your life time?

I have so many memorable days of God’s goodness. The foundational day was the day I gave my life to Christ which till date I see it as a foundation and platform of every of God’s goodness I am enjoying today. It was a great day in my life.

Secondly, the day I got married was a great day of God’s goodness. My joy overflowed the day we gave birth to our first child after nine years of waiting. It was a great day for us in the family. On the day of the naming ceremony I was overwhelmed with the crowd who came around to celebrate with us and to appreciate the goodness of God and testify to the kind of faith and courage they have seen in us. It was a great day which I will never forget in the history of my life.

The way people celebrate their birthday these days is nothing to write home about. In your opinion, what is the best way to celebrate someone’s birthday?

The best way to celebrate birthday is to be grateful to God. Like Bible rightly puts it “so teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” The wisdom there is to have a kind of self assessment of what we have done with what He has given us. Those days God has given us are to be considered as cash which we must make as assessment of what we have spent them on.

My best desire of birthday celebration which I still believe God is to use each year to be a blessing to people, most especially to the less privileged. One of the years I have celebrated which to me I have celebrated greatly was about three years ago when I was able to gather some money and gave it to somebody to go and establish a business. I am grateful to God that up till today, the business is still growing as a mark of celebration of my birthday. I am still looking forward to more years like that I will look at lives that I will count as reference to celebration of God’s goodness and faithfulness in remembering of the day I was born.

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