INTERVIEW! With ceaseless prayers, 2019 General Elections will be peaceful- Pastor Odejobi

Pastor E.O. Odejobi

Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi, the Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Transfiguration Zone is one of the most respected and reputable ministers of God CAC Worldwide and the Christian community can be proud of.  He speaks with CAC NEWS and LTV during the crossover service organized by CAC Transfiguration Zone held at Progress College, Agege Lagos on 2018 general elections and other interesting issues.

What is your expectation for year 2019 and your New Year resolution?

Ceaselessly, honestly and earnestly, my expectation from God for this nation is His intervention that will beat human comprehension concerning the system of governance and rulership. This country belongs to God and I expect the intervention of the Almighty God for right guidance, never to allow evil befalling as per machinations of Satan and satanic ones in this nation of God. Beyond reasonable doubt, optimistically, I am very sure my expectation shall not be defeated for this beloved nation, Nigeria.

What is your advice to Nigerians in respect to 2019 general elections?

There is nothing to fear of. Our problem in this nation is all about injustice and iniquity in replacement of equity. By the reason of the ceaseless prayer by the children of God, ministers of Christ's gospel and other religions, I believe the will of God in Nigeria won’t go without being accomplished. Almighty God is going to take absolute control and total governance of this country. There is going to be peace in Nigeria. It is true that some people expect that there will be uproar during the general elections, but because of ceaseless prayers, God is going to surprise us. As a religious leader I belong to no political party but that party God is going to make choice of, to ease our tension. And always, devil notwithstanding, Almighty God is going to settle us.

 I want to advise INEC that they should be faithful. Faithfulness, righteousness, equity in replacement of iniquity is our prayer. We have been advising, admonishing, instructing and chastening, but if God builds not the house, the builders build in vain. God is going advice people that need to be advised. I am very sure God is going to turn around evil imagination and expectation about Nigeria, because advice that we will give may not survive the country. We are praying ceaselessly. God is going to advise people that are going to harm this year’s election.

During your sermon you said crossover is called Passover in the Bible. What is your advice to Nigerians as we have all crossed over to 2019?

I stated it during the course of my ministration that Passover cannot come to reality until we know the importance or significance of what exactly Passover is. Passover is about girdling ourselves with righteousness, embracing staff of prayer and showing of good tidings in our nation. I am very sure this year's crossover will offer us positive results. We are to crossover from unrighteousness to righteousness, we are to crossover from unfaithfulness to faithfulness, we are to crossover from evil to good, we are to crossover from darkness to light etc.  Platform of faithfulness will serve the purpose of our rescue. We are just to crossover to the other side from our abominable conduct and provocative commitment against the God we are serving. God is not dumb or deaf to our prayers, but we are to crossover from unrighteousness to righteousness. Leaders of this country at all levels should do that and also we the followers. 

Pastor Odejobi and wife

As one of the leading religious leaders in Nigeria, what do you think is the way forward for free, fair and credible elections in 2019?

The way forward has already analyzed itself. The way forward is to act according to different kinds of godly messages in our churches and mosques. After all, people are in charge of electioneering in Nigeria are either from the mosque or the church. What do you think will happen if they hearken to the word of instruction and allow prayers to be answered? 

God Almighty is going to take control. The way forward is clear to us. Everywhere people are shouting for God’s mercy towards the election. I am very sure that being lenient and considerate God, He will not allow any blockage to come our way. The moment the wall of Jericho which represents unrighteousness and unfaithfulness are no longer on our way, way forward is real. We will go straight to the Canaan land where we will have government that will restore us and set us free from long time captivity. The way forward is to follow the instruction of the people of God that are preaching immaculate right message that has nothing to do with sentiment or prejudice. We need to follow the preaching of the gospel by the people of the God that are so much concerned about our predicament in this country. Jesus said He is the way and following Him will help us to reach out to the reachable.   The way forward is of no revocation. It is already permanent. We will reach our reachable in this country. This will be in dismay of devilish people in this country.

Mrs. Mariam Folashade Odejobi

2019 General Elections: Nigerians should not sold their consciences-   Mrs. Mariam Folashade Odejobi

What is your expectation for year 2019 and your New Year resolution?

Once again I want to greet you happy new year and I believe this year will be a year of peace for us because we have seen God in action. We believe He has taken us from the Red Sea of 2018 and to year 2019. We believe we are in the year of victory where there won’t be any rancor. We believe this year is a year of accomplishment since we have crossed over from darkness to light, from death to life, from poverty to wealth and from every evil to the goodness of God. We believe this year is going to be peaceful for us and we are going to get all the goodies God has for us. Not minding any calamity that is embedded in this year because the Bible says the evil of the day is enough for it. But for us children of God, we are expecting His grace and favour.

What is your advice for Nigerians considering the fact that this is an election year?

My advice for Nigerians is that we should try as much as possible to satisfy our conscience. In the past we have seen people voting because of money and by that they have sold their conscience. I believe if we have faith in God as the only source and sustenance of our lives and we are faithful and satisfy our conscience, God is going to perform wonders. He’s going to make us see His greatness in a positive way. I appeal to all Nigerians that we should not exercise any fear, but we should be honest and satisfy our conscience so that God will be able to have His right way in our lives and in Nigeria as a whole.

What is your advice to all women in the country?

I advise all women to be up and doing more than we have been doing before. A major reason why God created us is that we should back-up our husbands and make them succeed and that is why God said “I will make a helpmeet for him.” We should stand by our husbands, we should do our duties, we should submit to them as if we have submitted to God and we should make sure we carry our roles out effectively. Not minding men who are behaving badly. This is because many men are saucy. They are used to using authority either positive or negative on women. Women should not mind that, we should be ourselves and not be afraid. We should stand by them and make sure we perform our roles effectively.

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