Don’t be discourage while passing through challenges – Cleric

By Emmanuel Oloniruha (Abuja)

The Regional Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Medaiyese Region, Pastor Chukwuemeka Osuigbo has advised Christians not to be discouraged or wearied while passing through challenges of life.

Pastor Osuigbo gave the advice in his sermon titled “His (God) Silence is for a Purpose’’ on Sunday at CAC Medayese Regional Headquarters, Durumi, Abuja.

He said that man may be going through a challenge thinking God had forgotten him, “but whatever a Christian is going through, secretly or openly, God is always with him.’’

The cleric, reading through the book of Esther Chapter 6, said there were certain reasons God was being silent at times, when a man was going through challenges or difficulties.

These reasons according to him were to allow the opponent exhaust his power, strategies or plans; and to prove to people around man that He is omnipotent.

“The third reason is to humiliate your enemies.”

Pastor Osuigbo explained said that God humiliated Haman to honour Mordecai and Esther.

He listed some of the processes that attracted God’s action to include fasting and prayer, saying fasting and prayer is very important in the life of any Christian.

“To attract God’s action and enjoy him at all times you must be His seed. You will only enjoy him if you are a seed of Christ. This does not mean coming to the church regularly, but accepting Jesus as your Lord and saviour. Salvation is serious," the Cleric noted.

He advised people to search their souls, amend their ways and accept Christ to enjoy God in fullness.
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